Updated Firefox theme on Linux mockups

Following previous Firefox theme updates for Windows and Mac OS X platforms, here is the mockup for Linux platforms, in this case the Ubuntu distribution.

As with other platforms, the update is planned in a two phase approach.

For Firefox 3.7, plans include combining the stop and reload buttons as their function is mutually exclusive; move the home button to the tab bar, and add a progress bar to each tab instead of the throbber currently features in all platforms. Unlike Windows, however, the menu bar is kept still. Also from other platforms, the keyhole shape for the back and forward icons is in. For cleaner looks, the toolbar separator are also gone.

Firefox 3.7 on Linux  theme mockup

Firefox 4.0 goes further, following the same patterns in other platforms: the tab bar would be at the top of the UI, and the menu bar removed with most of its commands moved to new Page and Tools buttons. A Bookmarks button would also be added to display all bookmarks.

Firefox 4.0 on Linux  theme mockup

8 thoughts on “Updated Firefox theme on Linux mockups”

  1. I hope in design of 4.0 you include possibility o moving bookmarks back to a toolbar – I’m counting on it 🙂 .

    But overall, I like menubar removal and merging titlebar with navigational tool. But go like Chrom(e/ium) a step further and remember in maximized mode to remove any gap in the top, so you can click tabs in the edge of screen (Fitt’s Law or sth).

    Oh, and I kinda like the keyholes. They look interesting.
    Only find forced chromifiyng with “[Page] [Tools]” stupid, they need to be rethought in my opinion.

    And the floating statusbar – brilliant, but Firefox needs to be thunder-fast then. With current speed it would be rather annoying than functional like in Google’s browser.

    Sorry for comparison with Google’s product, but I like it and find their UI a way to go.

  2. At least the Mozilla team should say “Thanks Google Chrome” for your UI ideas, don’t you think so? 😉


  3. Why don’t they put the “Page” and “Tools” menus in the unused space under the minimize,maximize,close buttons? It would save more space.

  4. What are the options that are presented when clicking on the Page and Tools buttons?

    Sorry I couldn’t find the answer on the wiki page.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. I really love the 3.7 mock-up way more than the 4.0. But with 3.0 and 3.5 Mozilla really god the desktop integration down so I don’t know why they want to move away from it. But I do see their point on making the browser more modern. I like the loading bar progress bar, and did I mention I really love the 3.7 mock up. 😀

    Looks like they will be doing a native QT integration!

  6. this is just so much wrong..
    even the current default theme is absolutely better than this.
    the 4.0 just mess up everything trying to adopt “simplicity” fad, but why would anyone need menubar removed that much? =(
    I’ve tried chrome and was only annoyed by it’s ui, it’s kind of useless. ~

    P.s. should move to IE if this becomes real?)) IE8 has option to turn menubar back on at least)))
    P.p.s. and this even on Linux.. what’s wrong with this world?

  7. When I saw there are Linux mockups for 3.7 and 4.0 first I compared them with the Windows mockups.
    First I checked 3.7: menubar is still there in the Linux version.
    That’s not a good start, I wondered what will be missing from the 4.0 Linux version.
    But it was good, the way I’d like it to be. I hope it will be like that.

  8. Really nice, I love it. (I’m assuming the color scheme will differ with OS theme and not be tied to Ubuntu-orange.)

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