Tilt 3D, Mozilla’s 3D approach to web design

From gaming and TV, 3D is now making the jump to web development and design, thanks to Tilt 3D, a new Firefox extension by Mozilla’s Rob Campbell and Victor Porof.

Tilt 3D adds a new menu item to the Web Developer menu (accessible from the Firefox button) that renders a 3D version of the current web page, where the height of each HTML element is determined by how deep it is nested within the current web page.  Tilt 3D uses WebGL, so a supported video card is required. Check if your video card is supported here.

Tilt 3D rendering of Mozillalinks.org

You can drag, rotate, and zoom the 3D render to focus or locate a particular item, change colors, brightness, hue, and other light properties. For editing, you can export the render as a mesh that you can open with Blender.

Tilt 3D is now an official web development tool project and is expected to become part of Firefox in a future release.

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