The other Firefox 3 themes

As you may know, Firefox 3 introduces three different themes for all the officially supported operating systems: Firelight on Mac OS X, Tango on Linux, and Strata on Windows, which even comes in XP and Vista variations to better blend with Luna and Aero respectively.

If you are feeling envious of what the other platform or style got or just want to try a different look and have a couple of minutes to spare, you may want to give these themes a try.

Vista on XP, is a theme by Pascal Herbert that lets you use the Windows Vista theme, which is pretty much like the XP theme except all main navigation bar icons are blue and glassy instead of plastic-y.

If you prefer XP’s green plastic, try XP on Vista by the same author.

MacOS X Theme, created by GOLF-AT, brings Firelight’s brushed metal to users in Linux and Windows platforms. You will need a Mozilla Add-ons account though, as it is labeled experimental and awaiting further reviews.

Finally, if you don’t like change and believe Firefox 2 theme was just perfect, there’s also a theme for you: Firefox 2 for Firefox 3 will make you feel as it is 2006 again, yellow location bar for secure sites included.


11 thoughts on “The other Firefox 3 themes”

  1. Wow! Thanks! 🙂

    There is also an extension for Vista, which makes Firefox much more native:

    It gives Firefox the aero look and it changes the Bookmarks Bar. I like the Mac OS X theme.

  2. Probably a stupid question, but I don’t understand how both the XP and Vista theme aren’t selectable by default. Isn’t it the same install, the same binaries? I’d love to hear the ins and outs of how it’s all packaged.

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  4. Hello. I am a Macintosh user.
    Although the default theme of Firefox 3 is very pleasing,
    please introduce, if there is a theme of recommendation.

    1. If you want a “more” mac-like Theme for FF3, you will like this one:

      1. Mr. Martin, hello.
        Thank you very much for teaching me the information on a theme.
        However, it is regrettable that there is no “Recent pages” button in a theme.
        By the way, how are the following themes? It is a theme of Firefox3 of me.

        1. Mr. Martin, hello.

          It seems that it made a mistake in URL.  It corrected.  I am sorry.

  5. To me it seems totally ridiculous to put the ‘history’ pull-down menu next to the ‘forward’ button, instead of the ‘back’ button, in all F3 skins. Does anyone know of a skin that fixes this? Thanks

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