TabCandy becomes Panorama for Firefox 4

UPDATE: In the latest Firefox 4 beta update, Mozilla is officially branding Firefox’s visual tab organization feature as Panorama.

Latest Firefox 4 nightly builds now feature Tab Sets, the ability to organize your tabs by visually grouping them to match your browsing style, introduced a few weeks ago as TabCandy.

If you have tried the experimental build released at that time, you won’t notice much change except some important bug fixing for improved stability.

A new tab sets button is placed next to the list all tabs button to show your tab sets. From there just draw a box to create a new empty group, drag a tab between sets, drag a tab onto another to create a new group, resize groups and tabs, and so on.

It should be available with the next forthcoming Firefox 4 Beta 4, later this month.

8 thoughts on “TabCandy becomes Panorama for Firefox 4”

  1. I love TabCandy and it will help me to organize my Tabs which are opening by default everytime i start my fox.
    Its great how it is and should be in the fox as soon as possible.
    thx for that

  2. You use Google Chrome as a browser and hesitate to go back to Firefox just for this feature?

    Think twice!

    Tab Sugar is the Tab Candy / Tab Sets equivalent for Google Chrome (or aims to be).
    More at

    1. Chrome lags really bad with Disqus comments and if you compare the scrolling to the latest Firefox beta, it’s a little jittery(when your computer is performing fine).

      So thanks, but I’ll stick with the beta and wait for Mozilla to add a few features they plan to though, such as in-tab preferences.

    1. I don’t think BarTab is compatible with panorama. I have BarTab from git and a recent nightly, and tabcandy seems to reset the session and all tabs to some older state.

  3. Glad to hear that this feature is now official.

    I was utterly dependent on TabCandy and I refused to upgrade to the latest nightly build just because it did not include TabCandy. Unlike TabCandy, which had messed up my tab scrolling, this fellow looks neat and stable.

    Now that Panorama makes tab management much easier, I’m eagerly awaiting for the search functionality that was featured in the TabCandy video.

    Thanks for the valuable info Percy and thank you FF team.

  4. To Tobu: Hmm, I hope BarTab will support that in future. I wasn’t really thinking about that, because whichever Basian thinks is more important they’ll use right now, in the event Panorama and BarTab weren’t compatible currently. In the meantime, I wanted to suggest a way for Basian to delay tabs, since I’m guessing they didn’t know about BarTab.

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