Survey shows mobile web developers interested in Firefox OS

With just days ahead of Firefox OS official launch in mobile markets, it has already made an interesting debut in a periodic survey conducted by IDC and platform developer Appcelerator.

When asked what mobile platforms they are interested in developing for, 25% of mobile developers mentioned Firefox OS. While it is of course small compared to 95% interest for iOS and Android, it is not bad at all for a yet-to-be-launched new OS.

Interestingly, the survey also shows 35% of developers are interested in HTML5 mobile apps which is Firefox OS’s platform suggesting great interest in creating platform independent, standard based applications that requires one and only one development and distribution effort.

Mobile survey
Mobile survey

Via TechHive.


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  1. Could you label the graph correctly? It now looks as if iOS is more popular than android. But iOS is only more popular with developers right?

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