StatCounter: Firefox surpasses Internet Explorer in Europe

According to web metrics site StatCounter,  at some point in December, Firefox became the most used browser in Europe with 38.11% versus 37.5% for Internet Explorer.

This doesn’t imply that Firefox is growing significantly in Europe. Instead, it shows how fast Internet Explorer has lost about 7 points to Chrome which grew by the same amount in the same period, plus two more points taken from Firefox.

Then there is also the seasonalization factor: people spend more time at home in the holidays, and browse less at work where IT policies tend to favor IE.

The win of course is for the web: with more browser diversity, the more it makes sense to code for web standards instead of for a specific web browser. One web, any device, any web browser.

3 thoughts on “StatCounter: Firefox surpasses Internet Explorer in Europe”

  1. I think that Firefox will gain more marked share when the 4th version is released. But until then (February ?), Chrome will gain more uses, and those will not change browser again, unless Chrome breaks.
    FF 4 is again a big improvement in every aspect, but Chrome has better and more modern architectural basis, a aspect that FF is maybe to slowly adopting.

  2. It’s no wonder. IE crashes every 5 seconds for no apparent reason. I have Firefox, Chrome and IE on my computer and use them in that order.

  3. Firefox is at status quo. This is more a case of Internet Explorer failing than Firefox excelling.

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