Progress in Breakpad, Firefox 3 crash report tool

The Windows version of recently released Gran Paradiso (Firefox 3 development code name) Alpha 3 and subsequent nightlies, already include a development version Breakpad, the new open source crash reporting tool, formerly known as Airbag, that will replace Talkback, the currently closed source and unmaintained software included with Firefox and Thunderbird.

Benjamin Smedberg, one of the developers of Breakpad provided details on how to give it a try. So I tried it, and while there’s little to tell from an end user point of view, it’s good to see work is very advanced, as in fact, it already works. I crashed Gran Paradiso following a link provided and I was asked to enable the crash reporter.

A progress bar showed the report compilation and sending and finally a successful message.

A development server has been set to receive the crash reports and report on the crashes as well. The following is my crash report.

While all of these is still in development, clearly all three components (client, server and reporting) are being actively developed towards a full open source Firefox 3.


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