Private windows coming to Firefox

If you have always felt like Firefox’s Private mode was lacking something, probably it was a way of browsing in private mode some pages while keeping your regular, non private ones open at the same time.

The time is coming as Firefox nightlies (Firefox 20) now feature private windows where you can browse with confidence that no history, passwords or forms will be kept after you close a private window.

Instead of Private mode, the Firefox menu features a New Private Window item that does precisely that.

Privtae window option in Firefox menu screenshot

Now you can have private and non private windows side by side, and more importantly, you don’t have to close your current session to browse some other pages.  Private window along with regular on in irefox screenshot

An option to open a link in a new private window is also available from links’ context menu.

OPen link in private window screenshot

Private windows won’t be available in final form until April next year according to Firefox’s release channels update plans, but daredevils’ can get it from Firefox Nightlies web page today.