Network monitor debuts in latest Firefox beta

The next Firefox beta is out and again it includes a new tool in its ever-growing developer toolbox. This time it comes with a new and long awaited network monitor that allows you to see network activity in the current tab, from html and style files, to ongoing AJAX requests for updated content.


And as developer tools pile up it now makes sense to have a way for showing and hiding different elements from the developer panel. A gear button has been added for this purpose.

Web developer settings screenshot

From an end user perspective, several options have been removed like the one for showing/not showing the tab bar which is pretty much unused these days.


From the Content page, options for or enabling JavaScript and image loading are now gone as well.

Removed options in Firefox 23 screenshot

Also, the search engine selected from the search bar menu will be used for searches from the location bar and Firefox’s default start page (about:home) providing a more coherent experience.

Finally, this beta is the first release to feature the updated Firefox logo introduced a few days ago in the About window and the taskbar.

You can get Firefox beta, here.