Latest Firefox 4 beta features Sync and Panorama

Mozilla has released a new update for Firefox 4 beta. This time, the main enhancements are native support for Sync, Mozilla’s online synchronization service, and Panorama, the new name for the tab organizing feature formerly known as TabCandy.

Here is a video introducing Sync:

And here is another for Panorama:

Note that this update doesn’t feature the new two column Firefox menu, and while the next update (beta 5) was meant to be feature complete, it was decided it won’t be the case in the latest meeting.

You are welcome to test the latest Firefox 4 beta, and provide feedback through the Feedback button.

PS: I know I owe you all a decent Firefox 4 review. I’m working on it!

5 thoughts on “Latest Firefox 4 beta features Sync and Panorama”

  1. Personally, I think TabCandy/Panorama should stay an extension. I just don’t see it being used by enough people to justify the bloat.

    1. The feature is not very prominent. you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. Firefox need such features to be baked into it to stay on top of the game.

  2. The jumplist in windows 7 should show preview of only the tabs which are currently active. otherwise it just gets messy. and there are sill no notification feature for app tabs… how will I know if someone pinged me for chat in that tab or if I’ve received a new mail? I think the app tab should glow orange or some other color when something new happens in the tab.

  3. Since ff4b4, I’ve had problems with Gmail & Facebook. Gmail doesn’t always work when sending emails, and Facebook has some problems with some of the more “ajaxy” type of things.

    Surprised Gmail is borked, I suspect it’s due to the new Javascript engine.

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