KompoZer, Mozilla-based web authoring app

KompoZer logoAfter the release of Nvu 1.0, an open source Mozilla-based web authoring application developed by Daniel Glazman’s Disruptive Innovations and Linspire, a couple of years ago, its development got to a full stop.

As bugs remain, Fabien Cazenave decided to take Nvu’s code and continue its development opting for a new name KompoZer, as the original Nvu is trademarked by Linspire.


At first sight it latest release, 0.7.10, looks pretty much like Nvu save the logo, the addition of undo/redo buttons and a slightly different toolbar layout. However a number of behind the scenes bugs has been fixed that should please web developers as they aim to solve some CSS related issues that remained on Nvu.

CSS bugs squeezing, a more complete site manager and better HTML code output are the milestones for future 0.8 and 0.9 releases with no estimated release dates.

I use Nvu now and then and while it is a very capable web page editor, the bugs are definitely there (jumping table handlers anyone?), so I am very pleased to see it alive, releasing and with a pretty new icon.

Try KompoZer.

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