Five cool ways to switch tabs, by FoxTab

While Mozilla is preparing to launch some radical changes to tab switching with tab thumbnails displayed when you press Ctrl + Tab, Roi M. has already taken it a few steps further with five eye-pleasing views packaged in his FoxTab extension.

It provides five preview styles: circle, row, grid, wall, and stack, which resembles Vista’s application switching style.

Since it is very resource demanding, FoxTab has options to set the size of the preview window from full screen to about one quarter. You can also set the number of thumbnails and change the hotkey for tab switching.

The thumbnails are not of very high quality and I really miss an option to search the tabs by title, or even better by contents.

FoxTab is still an experimental extension in Mozilla Add-ons, so you will need an account there to install it.

9 thoughts on “Five cool ways to switch tabs, by FoxTab”

  1. It’s funny to see that, with that extension you can have the same behaviour that you have with a browser which don’t have tabs…

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