Firefox Sync coming to Firefox 4

As expected, the latest Firefox 4 nightlies feature Firefox Sync, Mozilla’s service that lets you synchronize your bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords, preferences, and other customizations among devices that support Sync: Firefox for desktops, for Maemo devices, and Firefox Home on the iPhone.

Just like the original Firefox Sync extension, its preferences are integrated with Firefox own options and is only noticeable by a small icon in the status bar.

If you don’t have an account yet, this is  a good time to get one for free and start moving all your browsing data to the cloud. Just install Firefox Sync and follow the instructions to set your account in a few seconds.

Sync fucntionality will be available in the next Firefox 4 beta update, expected for later this or early next week.

6 thoughts on “Firefox Sync coming to Firefox 4”

  1. If you use only FF it is ok, but you never know when you will have to use another browser..

    They should make FF sync also for other browsers, just like Xmarks, it was once only for FF, but know it works in FF, IE, Chrome and Safari.

    1. What is this IE that you speak of? If you’re trying to be grammatically correct it’s ie. Chrome Safari etc. But yeah, would be cool if Sync worked in those other ones.

  2. @Astreek

    I totally disagree. Why should Mozilla devote limited time and resources to developing a utility that makes it easier for users to switch away from their browser? Users concerned with cross-browser compatibility have plenty of third-party options to choose from. The built-in Sync should focus on Firefox users alone.

    On an unrelated note, where is the search engine sync? Extensions may be the holy grail for browser syncing, but personally, search engine sync would be much more useful, and, I imagine, easier to implement.

  3. @megas88
    It is Internet Explorer 🙂

    The problem is when your bookmarks (open tabs, etc.) are stored on the Internet, and you have to use a computer where there is no FF installed. With Xmars you can sync through many browsers.

    They could allow (and don’t know if this is so, many it is) third-party developers to make other apps that can access the servers where the settings are stored. That way you don’t depend on one browser.

  4. I’m interested in the possibility of Syncing my Firefox installation on my private computer and being able to access the open tabs and bookmarks temporarily on a public computer or a friend’s computer. Is this possible or is Firefox Sync designed to override the settings and bookmarks on my friend’s computer?

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