Firefox 4 will feature two tiered menu

The latest Firefox 4 nightly builds (Minefield) feature a new two columns menu that gathers the most frequently used actions to help users perform their browsing faster.

Introduced in previous Firefox 4 betas as a single column menu, this iteration divides menu items into actions like save, edit, send, print and exit in the first column, and managing  preferences, add-ons, downloads, and bookmarks in the second one.

Firefox 4 two columns menu

I am not convinced of the dual purpose menu items that perform an action when clicking on the text and expand a submenu when clicking on the tiny arrow to their right. I find it somewhat confusing, but spending some time with it will be the best way to find out if it really adjust to what I most frequently want to do.

The new Firefox menu didn’t make it for the fourth Firefox beta cut last week (and coming this week), but should be generally available for the fifth, in early September.

14 thoughts on “Firefox 4 will feature two tiered menu”

  1. I really don’t like the way Mozilla is pushing Firefox. WTF is that menu? It’s even weirder than Gmai’s new wtf-button. Focus on things that matter -> look at your uservoice. If somebody would want to change the menu for his/her personal preference, he/she would to it with some addon (plenty available for such strange actions). I’m telling you. Get your priorities straight.

  2. Drop down menus are a necessary evil. Flyout menus, doubly evil and rarely necessary. This *looks* atrociously worse.

    (The reason drop downs are bad is that they hide interface and are marginally harder to target than a static interface — not too terrible of strikes, but they can also become unmanageable messes, especially if… You have flyout menus, which are bad because they hide even more interface and are even harder by far to target).

    From this mockup I can’t even tell what’s going on.

    However, if the minefield button is activated on press, that’s a good thing for the drop down menu. But I can’t tell what is going on with all the little arrows.

    Regardless of theory I try to apply, I see horribly too many and too small targets.


  3. I now that I am guilty for using such a marginal OS like a Linux-based, but I would like to have in Firefox 4 the Firefox menu, like in other OSs.
    And Chrome doesn’t have tags in bookmarks, but the menu thing in a button.

  4. It will take some getting used to, that’s for sure. What worries me is that we are the savvy people saying this … how are the “normal” users going to interact with this?

    It definitely looks ugly in your XP screenshot. Looks much better under Windows 7 at least.

  5. I love that menu! Before you had to press alt if you just wanted to look at your downloads or if you wanted to update minefield..
    And a lot of people don`t know that the menu pops up when you press alt, so they have to fit everything in this button!

  6. Uninstalled Firefox 4 and went back to 3.6; Why? Well if Firefox decided to hide all the menus and go for the Taliban woman look (if you are a woman in Afghanistan then hide or be shot) then you are going to loose a lot of your user base. Drop down toolbar menu is what I want and not some hide and seek fancy rubbish!

  7. Actually, if you don’t like it’s so easy to get the old menu bar back that if you weren’t able to do it, you shouldn’t be proudly saying you removed ff4 because of that, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    The only thing you need to do is right click on a toolbar and check “Menu Bar”.

    1. AND???? Before I uninstalled FF4 I visited various forums and was told that the old style menus are gone for good with FF4. Why should I be ashamed of myself??????? I have not robbed or hurt anyone. Now be a good boy and explain to me the ashamed stupid person how to get the old style menus on FF4 🙂

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