Aurora, Mozilla’s card for faster Firefox releases

Mozilla has announced today its new development model that aims to deliver new major releases in shorter time frames.

Firefox 1.5, the first Firefox update took about a year after the original release to be ready for users. About another year for Firefox 2.0, more than a year and a half for Firefox 3, one more for Firefox 3.5, about 7 months for 3.6, and a more than a year for Firefox 4. Note that these are approximate durations, in reality, Firefox next release development starts a few months before the current one goes final.

While these development cycles have served well for the past years, allowing Mozilla to ignite the browser development scene with solid releases, and take the browser wars to the web standards, performance, and usability field, it has also become clear that we need those improvements coming faster. Continue reading Aurora, Mozilla’s card for faster Firefox releases