FAQs on how Megaways slots work

No doubt, Megaways is one of the most complex slots in the industry. The mechanics behind it are difficult to comprehend. After surfing the internet, we’ve noticed that there are lots of questions about Megaways slots and how they work. We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this section. In case you have more questions after reading our FAQ, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’ll be glad to help you with all of your questions.

Who invented the Megaways slot?

Megaways slot is known around the world, and it has always been one of the tops games on major online casinos. It became more popular in the last few years. Since its emergence, we’ve seen new Megaways slots, and more are released every week. Big Time Gaming invented it. Since 2018, they’ve been selling licenses to other gaming providers including Blueprint Gaming.

How long will it take a slot to calculate Megaways?

The answer to this question is instant. Right before a spin stops, the amount of Megaways, and the outcome of the game, has been calculated. In case anything goes wrong with the game round or you close the slot you’re playing, the result of the game round is then registered at the online casino you’re playing. That way, you won’t miss out on prospective winnings due to an error or a mistake.

How do I win Megaways slots game?

Land three symbols in a single payline to trigger a winning combo. In most cases, this will remove the winning symbols from the reels and replace them with new symbols. As a result, you’ll have more potential wins.

How do Megaways slots work?

To calculate the total amount of Megaways, players need to multiply the total amount of symbols on the reels. If for instance, you are playing a six reel Megaways slot and you get five symbols on the different reels, the total amount of Megaways is 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 15.625.

What is the maximum amount of Megaways?

Right now, the maximum amount of Megaways is 117,649. We understand that there’ll be Megaways slots released with more ways to win right now.

Can I use my bonuses on Megaways slots?

Yes, you can. At Rainbow Riches Casino, we have several casino bonuses that can be used on all the Megaways slots. Check out our online bonuses and all the other Rainbow Riches series we have on our homepage.

Our Conclusion

Megaways slots make use of a unique mechanism calculating the different ways you can win. It may be new to you though, but it is not rocket science at the end of the day. The important thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that the number of Megaways is possible because of the rows and symbols on the rows. So, what’s your experience? Have you tried your luck on Megaways slots? It would help if you tried it out by heading to Rainbowriches.casino to play your favourite Rainbow Riches games.

Introducing Buffalo Rising Megaways

Play Buffalo Rising Megaways free online uses six reels in its Megaways slot. This adventure takes place on the frontier, and it provides players with up to 117,649 ways to win. Please can win using either the cascading symbols or the optional buffalo bets, which allows instant access to the free spins feature.When the player is using the free spin feature, the unlimited win multiplier is automatically activated. An additional benefit of the total win multiplier is that it increases after every win. Players can also adjust free spin rounds for more spins or higher multipliers. Mystery symbols may pop up in the all in view. The random characters allow the players more ways to find their fortune.

Here’s how to Get started:

  1. Click the TOTAL BET button to set the amount of your total bet. A list of available stakes will show. Select your preferred stake from the list.
  2. Click the “SPIN” button to turn on the casino game.
  3. An autoplay function automatically starts each spin. However, you can cancel this feature by clicking the STOP AUTOPLAY button.

Playing Buffalo rising Megaways

  1. To begin the game, click the SPIN button.
  2. The wheels will begin to spin randomly and stop on random symbols.
  3. You win if the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a line from two to six matching symbols. The characters start from the rotation on the extreme left.
  4. Every win is highlighted and will cause an explosion that causes more symbols to cascade in.
  5. All winnings are then credited to the player’s account balance.

How Cascading Symbols work

  • Winning symbols are designed to cause a chain reaction when they are removed from the reels and replaced by new characters—the new symbols cascade in from above the spins. Symbols are positioned above reels 2 to 5. The Wild symbols help to form wins and reveal wild symbols.
  • The wild symbols will then be replaced from the right. The cascading characters will continue to fall into the reels until there are no more winning symbols, then they stop.
  • Each reel reveals as much as seven symbols, and spinning them gives the player up to 117,649 ways to win. Players win by matching consecutive symbols from left to the right, starting from the first reel on the left. All winning combinations are accumulated, and payouts are multiplied by the initial stake. The Megaways is licensed by Big Time Gaming.
  • Wild symbols only show in the positions above reels 2 to 5. Meanwhile, the wild symbols can be substituted for other characters to help form wins, the only exception being the scatter symbols. In every winning combination, only the highest win is paid into the player’s account.
  • The mastery symbol appears in any position and will reveal the same random character once in view. However, the mastery symbols are unable to display the scatter symbols.
  • Scatter symbols cannot appear in the positions above the 2 to 5 reels. Scatter winning is added to reel winnings. If four scatter symbols come into view, free spins are awarded. If there are more than four scatter symbols, additional free spins are awarded.

Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot

The beautiful slot game combines the exclusive features of video slots coupled with the world of fairytale legends. Making the entire thing possible is the Fairy godmother, a relatively benevolent character who deals out bonus features like they are obsolete. If you enjoy fairytales, you will fancy a spin of play Wish Upon a Jackpot.
  • 20 Lines
  • 2 Min Bet
  • 100 Max Bet
  • Bonus: Fairy godmother Bonus, Rumpelstiltskin Deal Maker, Jack and the Beanstalk, three little Pigs free spins, Rapunzel Free Spins.

About the slot

Wish Upon a Jackpot is a five-reel, twenty – payline online casino game with two main bonus game. The second bonus game, known as the Fairytale bonus, provides players with a chance to play one out of four different casino bonus games as part of the round. To start the gameplay, you have to set your wager for all 20 pay lines using the – and + buttons right at the bottom of the game’s screen. Next, click the ‘Spin’ button to set the reels in motion. Any winning combo originating from the far left position results in the awarding of the prize. Just one win per line is vested in the even multiple winning combinations appear on the line. The slot games include Wild symbols which can substitute for anything but bonus symbols. Just like many other slot games, Wish Upon a Jackpot offers players an autoplay feature that allows up to twenty-five automatic spins for every play. All a slot player needs to do in this case is click the button at the bottom of the screen to start autoplay.

The Bonus Rounds

  • Jack and the Beanstalk Bonus
If jack appears during the fairytale bonus, he will activate both the jack and the beanstalk bonus round. The idea is to choose Magic Beans which will cause your beanstalk to grow drastically. Ensure to continually pick until you either reveal the ‘collect’ symbol or your beanstalk reaches the top. You have to make it to the top if you wish to get the Golden Goose egg as well as the big prize.
  • Fairy godmother bonus
The fairy godmother bonus is one of the two primary bonus games. When the fairy godmother appears during every standard play, she might activate her bonus round, which will most certainly add to players’ winnings. Pick a magic orb to reveal the prize at the start of the round, then spin the reels.
  • Rumpelstiltskin’s deal maker bonus
The fairytale bonus is the second primary bonus game in Wish Upon a Jackpot. It also includes four extra bonuses, beginning with the Rumpelstiltskin Deal Maker Bonus. If Rumpelstiltskin pops up, he will start by making offers based on a contract scroll he carries with him. Players can take it or leave each of the offer made. Any offer you pick to go will fade off and be placed by another from the scroll until all requests have been used up.

£10 Free – No Deposit Bonus

Full T&Cs Apply. No deposit required while as well as the new players only. £10 paid to players as bonus funds. Claim the bonus within three days of registration and 7-day expiry.

Basic Blackjack Rules to Remember

Now that we’ve covered some hidden strategies to winning big with blackjack, knowing the essential steps to play a classic game. Also, there are few other basic blackjack rules players will need to keep in mind. It’s always worth understanding what payouts they’ll receive in different blackjack scenarios, and the moves to make depending on their hand. Here are some additional rules to know.
  • The regular wins pay 1:1 – It is when the value of the game’s cards is closer to 21 compared to those of the dealer.
  • Blackjack wins pay 3:2 – it is when the cards equal 21
  • Sixteen and below – the dealer must hit on any hand valued at sixteen and below.
  • Hit or Stand – Players have the primary choice of adding an extra card to their hand (also known as hitting) or nor (which is standing) to reach a final hand value of twenty-one, or closest to it.
  • Split – A player needs to turn his or hand of two into two different hands, for that extra chance to beat the dealer. It is an option when you have two cards of equal value.
  • Double down – players can choose to double down their bet mid-hand, though you’ll receive a single card and they won’t have the chance to take another.
  • Though it’s not necessarily your best move to double down on anything other than a ten or an eleven, some casinos will also let you double down regardless of what you are currently holding. But some online casinos limit this option.

Advanced Betting Options

In addition to some of the basic rules we’ve touched, more experienced players should take note of the advanced controls to ensure that their blackjack game goes to the next level.
  • Surrendering – In some online casinos, you can offer half your bet if you aren’t satisfied with your hand. The option varies from casino to casino.
  • Insurance – if a dealer also shows an Ace as their face-up card, they will ask players to take insurance. What it does is that it protects you in case the dealer has a card valued at “ten.”
  • Taking even money – if you land a blackjack, but the dealer in charge is showing an Ace, you will push (also referred to as “tie”) if he also happens to have a blackjack. If you don’t want to lose everything, you can always take even money. Rather than getting paid 3:2, you will get paid 1:1
  • Soft 17 – A gentle hand is a hand which has an Ace in it. It is fondly called ‘soft’ due to the hand two values – either 1 or 11, as well as the other cards. Also, some blackjack casinos require the dealer to hit on a soft 17 while others require that they stand. Ensure that you check the rules right before you play.
Ready to give blackjack a try? Now that you know how to play the game, you are probably itching to play the game right now. So, take a look at our top-rated online blackjack casinos? Read more on it right now.

Online Slots Sites Software

We’ve pointed out a couple of times in a published article about game providers, and we want to add more information about it. The first thing you’ll notice is that almost the entire casinos get their games from third-party casino software providers. The companies we’ve listed have successfully created some of the most successful slots out there then sell off the rights to different casinos.There are a lot of reasons why land-based and online casinos do this. The first of which is that it saves investing in the overall costs the comes with the game development as well as the research the comes with creating one. Secondly, it is often one less job to look after. They understand the fact that they can sign an agreement, usually with different developers, and then the games are ready to go within the casinos. It has become a highly competitive marketplace, and there are lots of emphasis on improving existing slots and creating new and exciting titles. It a huge profit for the developers; however, the rewards are there also, should they succeed. Below, we’ve listed several software companies for online slots – these companies are currently topping the game.


NetEnt is a Swedish company that has had to work very hard to get to the top of the game (no pawn intended). The games they’ve published during this last decade is why they are one of the top providers in the industry. Two popular games from their increasing back catalogue include Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. Though Starburst is known as one of the recognized online slots out there, Gonzo’s Quest is now the figurehead of the brand.


It’s probably the biggest in the industry both in terms of the numbers of casinos that subscribe to their platform and the number of games that they’ve published. Microgaming cover all basis and they are one of the few publishers that are standalone software developers. Speaking of having the best slots, they’ve got jackpot games which are up there in the industry – one of such games is the Mega Moolah slot which leads the line here. Their branded games play a huge role in why they are where they are right now, and they’ve been able to sign mouthwatering contracts with the likes of Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, and Hitman.


Next on the list is one that rightly worked its way up to becoming one of the big hitters in the industry. They were one of the real casino game developers back in the late 90s, and they’ve since grown their company to the top. Playtech is undoubtedly one of few that have been able to power real casinos on their own, highlighting the capabilities of the games which they offer. There are lots of plethora of unique titles, including a vast range of slots. Some of these branded slots include The Dark Knight, Justice League, and Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven. Other Companies Worth mentioning include:
  • play’N Go
  • IGT
  • Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Novomatic

Dead or Alive 2 slot free play

Dead or Alive II Slot On Mobile

Just as we’ve expected from NetEnt, Dead or Alive II is playable on both mobile and tablet; and the good news is that whether players are playing it on Android, iPad, or iPhone, players can rest assured of excellent quality whatever the platform.

Free Spins on Dead or Alive 2 Slot

One of the best things about Dead or Alive 2 – and players can read all about it via our review amongst other things – in our opinion (thanks to our team of expert) is its free spins options. You have the choice of three special ones. To help trigger the free spins options, you need to land on three different scatters. Now, land five and players will hit the stake by x2500. Either way, players will have twelve free spins in the bag and can also play as follows:

1. Free Spins Old Saloon Style

Free spins old saloon-style goes up quite a notch, and it’s also one with medium volatility. The Free Spins Old Saloon style is based on the original Dead or Alive 2 slot free play, where players will be rewarded with an x2 multiplier every time they make wins. That’s not all, when players land on a wild symbol on the five reels simultaneously (it’s not as hard as it seems), the players’ reward will be an additional five free spins.

2. High Noon Saloon

The high noon saloon is the highest volatility free spins feature which comes with the wilds that have x2 as well as x3 multipliers; more importantly, if they land more than one wild during the similar spin, the value will also multiply. Hit one, and you will get x5 free spins; one wheel can also give a win of x40 500 you real stake, which is quite impressive.

3. RTP (Payout Ratio) of Dead or Alive 2 Slot

DOA II comes with an ever relatively higher RTP – or return to player – ratio, standing at a 96.8%. Other relevant technical data which includes a maxed out win of 2,000,000 coins.

Here’s How to Play Dead or Alive 2 Slots

As a new player at Dead or Alive II, then you should take note of the game’s volatility – that should be in your head throughout the game. The high volatility we are talking about means that if players wade in too high, then their money can slip through their fingers and the players will also find yourself in an uncompromising position. Secondly, take note of the fact that you can play the game from as low as $0.09 per spin; we would advise you to start low, and at the end of the day, you will find a limit that suits your gaming experience and style, and you will enjoy the game.

Dead or Alive 2 Game Volatility

The Dead or Alive II game’s volatility is in the high bracket. So saddle up and get your guns ready!

Winning At the Dead or Alive II Slots

Interestingly, the game best suits players who like the thrill of the chase. The high risk is addictive and of course, the potential to bring about some fascinating wins for players.

Play the Sizzling Hot Deluxe Free

The game is based on the classic armored with improved features and higher rates. The developers of the Sizzling Hot Deluxe online recognize the taste of excitement like no other. The Novomatic group did severe market research and have also created this fascinating slot.

The sequel of the classic slot

The sizzling hot deluxe has five reels and nine different pay lines. Lemons, grapes, plums, lemons, X’s, watermelon, seven – all of these fruit symbols can bring impressive winnings for all gamblers. The dark-theme background decoration makes the entire game symbols more visible for players, and the successive spin of these reels triggers the characters that bring the player credits. Passion stirs mood makes the game very emotional and more enjoyable. An easy-to-play scheme of the classic game will give players a clear vision of successful game combos. Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot game has a scatter symbol known as the golden star. The main feature of the golden star is a chance to bring players decent winnings. Now, if three or more of the golden stars drop out in any place on the game reels, they can get players ten to two hundred and fifty credits. Also, slots players may try a standard version of the game by following the link to our recommended casino sites. In addition to all of these, there is a unique symbol – and image of the lucky number seven! The character “number seven” is the zest of the game because it can help the player strike jackpot – four hundred credits! All a slot player needs to do is to gather five images of number seven in a raw! Four and sometimes three sevens can bring you decent winnings. In the gaming world, the sizzling machine hot deluxe has no free spins or bonus games, though there is a traditional Risk game, which can be used to spike up the winning two times. After successful reel spins, players can get a risk slot game. The objective is to predict the color of the next card in the platform’s open row. When you guess the color right, the operation can be repeated to get a lovely multiplication by four, eight, and sometimes sixteen!

Play Sizzling Hot Deluxe Online for Free

As an experienced player, it won’t be a new thing to understand the game mechanics – none of it will be strange to you. The classic slot game has five pay lines as well as five unique reels. Sot players should also keep in mind the following details about the bonuses and features:
  1. Slots players can take advantage of the risky gamble option.
  2. To get a winning combo, they need to gather from three or up to five similar symbols.
  3. Players should also look for cherries because they can earn special bonuses.
  4. Remember, there is an autoplay on offer too.
When the game loads, players will see that it is relatively easy to play and easy to win. Enjoy the free demo version of understanding the rules guarding the game. It would help if you also tried out different strategies to win the game.

Jammin Jars casino

Jammin Jars is relatively new, though it depends on when you started playing the game. Provided by Push Gaming, it is safe to say that the game provider has successfully designed a slot game with a growing name in the slots developments section of the casino industry, having developed some premium titles for slots players over the past while. Jammin Jars now have a niche following, all thanks to the fresh Cluster Win mechanic of the gaming platform. The pay way type doesn’t work with this set pay lines. Instead, awards win when five or more matching symbols lie adjacently to each other on the platform’s grid, either vertically or horizontally. The more characters that exist in a cluster, the better the rewards in the game. The slots game doesn’t just wow with the innovation in its mechanics but in the feature field too, offering cascading slots reels, also a random rainbow win option, sticky multiplier wilds free games bonus rounds.

Top Jammin Jars Casino

  1. Betsson
  • The Betsson casino is rated four out of five.
  • Fast payouts.
  • 100% up to €100
  • 101 free spins
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • It’s an editor’s choice.
  • Accepts players from WO, Ca, GB, and EU.
  1. Mr Green
  • 100% up to €100
  • 200 free spins bonus
  • Top bonus
  • Fast payouts
  • Easy registrations for newbies
  • Accepts players from EU, and Ca.
  1. LeoVegas
  • 225% up to €799 on your first four deposits.
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Live Casino
  • The LeoVegas is rated five out of five.
  • Exclusive to players in GB, EU, NZ, WO, and CA.
  • We rate it five out of five.
  1. PokerStars Casino
  • Easy Registration
  • Sportsbook
  • Live Casino option
  • Deposit $10 to get 100 free spins on their platform.
  • We rate it 4.5 out of five.
  • More than 2000 games.
  • PokerStars casino accepts layers from CA, EU, WO, IE, and GB.
  1. Sloty
  • We rate it 4.5 out of a possible 5.
  • Fast payouts for winners
  • Live casino option.
  • 100% up to €300
  • Plus 300 free spins for both newbies and existing players.
  • Over 1300 games.
  • Free Spins
  • Accepts players in CA, GB, EU, and WO
  1. Genesis Casino
  • Fast payouts for players.
  • We recommend the casino 4.8 out of five stars.
  • Up to €1000 Bonus.
  • Over 300 free spins
  • More than 2000 games.
  1. Casino Heroes
  • 100% up to €50 welcome bonus.
  • Classic slots.
  • Gamified
  • We rate this online casino a 4 out of 5.
  • Easy Registration for new users.
  • It can be accessed by players in NZ, CA, and the EU.
  1. Rizk Casino
  • 100% up to €100
  • 50 free spins
  • Jackpot slots
  • Live Casino
  • It’s open to players in EU, WO, GB, CA, and IN.
  1. Guts Casino
  • Live casino
  • 100% up to €100
  • 100 FS
  • Exclusive to players in EU, IN, CA, NZ, GB, and WO.
  1. 32 Red Casino
  • Easy Registration
  • Instant Payout
  • 150% bonus up to €150
  • Over 600 games
  • The online casino can be accessed by players in the EU, GB, WO, NZ, and CA.

Rainbow Riches Casino

Playing with a rainbow riches casino have promos designed to offer slots players a fantastic experience for lots of reasons. In this piece, we’ll share with you some of the reviews of the casinos’ promo offer, which, as we all know, doesn’t need a promotional code, as well as other vital features. Rainbow Riches Casinos all have welcome bonuses for new players though you will also find promotions. Still, that’s only for existing players here. So, let surf through these promos and what they’ve got to offer.
  • – Daily free games: players can collect free spins and cash prizes.
  • – When you refer a friend, you’ll get £20 for every friend you refer to the casinos.
  • – The casinos welcome bonus offers a pick between fifty free bingo tickets and thirty free spins for slots.

Joining rainbow riches casino & claiming the welcome offer

1. The first thing users should do is hover your cursor to the top of the button and click on it. 2. Complete the registration by merely entering the vital information. 3. Now, opt-in the welcome bonus during registration – no bonus code or promo code is required. 4. Now, confirm your account and start playing the video slots game.

Choosing the rainbow riches casino’s welcome offer

Once a player opens an account at rainbow riches casino and spends £10 on different games on the casino’s website, slots players will be able to select their welcome offer. The choice slots players have included thirty free spins to be used on the video slots or fifty free tickets for bingo. Once a player receives the welcome bonus, players can use it for thirty days, after which players won’t be able to use them continuously.

Thirty spins

Players can spend the thirty free spins on the slots game rainbow riches only, with the 1 penny coin size. In addition to all of these, the free spins will be played on full lines.

Fifty free bingo tickets

Selecting the welcome offer means that the player will receive fifty free tickets for bingo, which is known to be worth a penny to £1 each. Slots players can get access or other slots game chosen, asides the session bingo. Take note, players may only get tickets for the bingo game scheduled and that the players can’t get tickets in advance.

Daily Free Games – Win Free Spins and Cash Prizes

Daily free game promotion at rainbow riches casino and all slots players who deposit £10 or more since they have joined the website are eligible to play daily free games. There are multiple free games player are previewed to daily and win cash prizes and free spins – rainbow riches: Daily rainbows and doubly bubbly. – Doubly bubbly : similar to the other free games on the shelves, the goal here is to match the same symbols on a nine by ten grid. – Rainbow Riches: With daily rainbows, players can receive bonuses in the max amount of £800 or the slots players can get free spins for rainbow riches slot, as much as fifty of them.

Book of Dead Slots online

Drawing on the popular theme of the old piece of centuries of mythological ancient Egypt, Play n Go’s Book of Dead slots game is perfectly equipped with excellently drawn symbols. The symbols represent particular objects in the game which are used daily by slots fans that lived in Ancient Egypt. The Book of Dead video slot features five reels as well as ten paylines.Play Book of Dead slot for the chance to spin and win huge cash sums. Players can do this while also enjoying the effort invested in creating a space which looks similar. Hit top-quality symbols and try to hit the mega jackpot when you play these popular slots game from the stable of Play n Go – mougle.com. Reiteratively, the slot game has an RTP of 96.21% and players can spin the slots with a denomination from £0.01 – £100.00. The games max amount that players can win in the game is a multiplier of £1,000.

What are multiline slots?

Multiline online slots game which offers players the opportunity to win cash prizes over multiple paylines; the possible amount of paylines which can be played varies with the slots. Some fun is known to feature fixed paylines, and for other games, the active amount can be improved. The Book of Dead comes with a ten paylines that aren’t fixed, what this means is that when a player plays this slot game, he or she can choose to trigger any number of them right between one and ten. When a player has more active paylines, he or she has the chance to hit winning combo of slot symbols in multiple ways.

The 100 Spins Challenge on the Book of Dead

Yes, we’ll talk about the 100 spins challenge, this time on Book of Dead. Do you remember that the goal of these challenges is to give players a clear idea of how the Book of Dead work, and it’s also interesting to note what your experience might be at the end of the day? It will help if you read more about it.

The Slots free play

The game has a mode which is perfect for players who wish to familiarize themselves with the slots games without investing real money wagers. The free play mode is practically the same as the cash version; the single difference is that players are awarded virtual funds, an entire bankroll.


Book of Dead comes with a medium to high variance. It merely means that wins are likely to come in usually though on small amounts, and sometimes in the bonus come in as huge successes. It’s worth noting that Book of Dead allows you to affect your variance in multiple ways on the slots. By reducing the number of lines, players can win on; they will increase the conflict on the space, making the wins less often, though the wins are worth a lot more. We’d recommend giving the slots a spin for different reasons. If you are a slots player with the flare for big wins, you have a knack for places with free spins, and big wins, then you should give it a try.