BlueGriffon 1.1 released

Disruptive Innovations has released the first update to BlueGriffon, the open source, free, Mozilla-powered web page editor.

BlueGriffon brings support for the most modern web technologies including HTML5 new layout, form and media tags, ARIA,  CSS3, SVG features including transitions, transformations, shadows, and a very long etc.

The new release, now available in Korean, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese, along with the nine previously available, fixes a few stability bugs and polishes some edges.

Along with BlueGriffon, there’s a new update for CSS Editor Pro, 10 euro add-on that brings improved CSS support and management.

Download BlueGriffon for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


3 thoughts on “BlueGriffon 1.1 released”

  1. This is the first I have ever heard of this application. Looks promising and a lot more stable than NVU which I had been using for years. However, I really don’t use a local editor much anymore as 99% of the sites I work on now are WordPress based.

  2. To ffextensionguru:
    BlueGriffon is an updated/rewritten NVU, so both use Gecko but NVU uses an old Gecko and is discontinued while BlueGriffon started with Gecko 1.9.x but now uses Gecko 2.0. Therefore, it uses the Cairo graphics library which needs to be updated to work on the open source Haiku OS (the commercial BeOS updated).

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