Basic Blackjack Rules to Remember

Now that we’ve covered some hidden strategies to winning big with blackjack, knowing the essential steps to play a classic game. Also, there are few other basic blackjack rules players will need to keep in mind. It’s always worth understanding what payouts they’ll receive in different blackjack scenarios, and the moves to make depending on their hand. Here are some additional rules to know.
  • The regular wins pay 1:1 – It is when the value of the game’s cards is closer to 21 compared to those of the dealer.
  • Blackjack wins pay 3:2 – it is when the cards equal 21
  • Sixteen and below – the dealer must hit on any hand valued at sixteen and below.
  • Hit or Stand – Players have the primary choice of adding an extra card to their hand (also known as hitting) or nor (which is standing) to reach a final hand value of twenty-one, or closest to it.
  • Split – A player needs to turn his or hand of two into two different hands, for that extra chance to beat the dealer. It is an option when you have two cards of equal value.
  • Double down – players can choose to double down their bet mid-hand, though you’ll receive a single card and they won’t have the chance to take another.
  • Though it’s not necessarily your best move to double down on anything other than a ten or an eleven, some casinos will also let you double down regardless of what you are currently holding. But some online casinos limit this option.

Advanced Betting Options

In addition to some of the basic rules we’ve touched, more experienced players should take note of the advanced controls to ensure that their blackjack game goes to the next level.
  • Surrendering – In some online casinos, you can offer half your bet if you aren’t satisfied with your hand. The option varies from casino to casino.
  • Insurance – if a dealer also shows an Ace as their face-up card, they will ask players to take insurance. What it does is that it protects you in case the dealer has a card valued at “ten.”
  • Taking even money – if you land a blackjack, but the dealer in charge is showing an Ace, you will push (also referred to as “tie”) if he also happens to have a blackjack. If you don’t want to lose everything, you can always take even money. Rather than getting paid 3:2, you will get paid 1:1
  • Soft 17 – A gentle hand is a hand which has an Ace in it. It is fondly called ‘soft’ due to the hand two values – either 1 or 11, as well as the other cards. Also, some blackjack casinos require the dealer to hit on a soft 17 while others require that they stand. Ensure that you check the rules right before you play.
Ready to give blackjack a try? Now that you know how to play the game, you are probably itching to play the game right now. So, take a look at our top-rated online blackjack casinos? Read more on it right now.