Big plans for SeaMonkey 2

Robert Kaiser, SeaMonkey lead developer posted a proposal of goals for SeaMonkey 2, the next major update to the integrated Mozilla-based Internet suite.

Among the most notable changes suggested is improving SeaMonkey extensibility, toolbar customization and a visual refresh for better integration with the operating systems.

Another major update could be an automated and more efficient updating system, like Firefox’s which allows automatic and super quick updates which translates on a more secure web experience. Currently, SeaMonkey users have to download the whole installer to get the necessary patches. Add the fact that the SeaMonkey installer is twice as large as Firefox’s and we will have plenty of reasons to welcome this goal.

While SeaMonkey 2 won’t be available until after Firefox 3 release (featuring Mozilla 1.9, Mozilla platform’s next major overahul), work is already in progress on several fronts. The latest trunk build (pre Alpha) already features an updated theme.

SeaMonkey 2 pre alpha screenshot

9 thoughts on “Big plans for SeaMonkey 2”

  1. I really hope they dont change it too much, and especially not towards firefox look
    Making it easier to use add-ons is ok, but the whole point of seamonkey is to
    retain the look and feel of the original mozilla
    Firefox started out being faster, but now feels super sluggish compared to seamonkey
    And No, firefox 3 is not faster, even though they plugged the memory-leaks

  2. I really hope that they do change a lot, I don’t really mind the user interface, any one could get accustom to changes, I think the real point was to create a full featured web bundle.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing better use of XUL and its intended purposes, I don’t like seeing multiple XUL runners, Just one is fine.

    I also would not mind seeing Firefox extensions integrated straight into SeaMonkey (FireFTP,FireBug,etc) to create the Ultimate Web Bundle.

    Keep the nostalgic look and feel as optional, the 21st century we could all use some change.

  3. i agree on the last comment, seamonkey should offer a bundle of communication, messaging, multimedia, calendar, ftp,
    office and webdevelopment packet, that can be used out of the box. Right now most of them are
    missing. I really hope they come.

  4. i agree to no. 2 and 5, SeaMonkey is not like FireFox (famous browser) but it built to web developer people. i use all from mozilla ( firefox3, seamonkey, sunbird and thunderbird). if seamonkey want to do a change it must be webdevelopment packet.

  5. Please if you want people to use it, keep the original blue theme in mozilla suite. The new look don’t bode well with me. Icons don’t look quite right or cool.

  6. you need not be a developer to use seamonkey. I am typical accountant in a company with some inclination towards technology. my liking for seamonkey is different, its not because I build webpages (i build spreadsheets with lot of numbers that would not make sense to a lot of people) its because when I use seamonkey I am seen differently. As an application I think it should support a complete web bundle a friend said here…well what you want to load on to it should be left as a choice for the user. Making is slow of fast would be purely on how much you load it.

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