Network monitor debuts in latest Firefox beta

The next Firefox beta is out and again it includes a new tool in its ever-growing developer toolbox. This time it comes with a new and long awaited network monitor that allows you to see network activity in the current tab, from html and style files, to ongoing AJAX requests for updated content.


And as developer tools pile up it now makes sense to have a way for showing and hiding different elements from the developer panel. A gear button has been added for this purpose. Continue reading Network monitor debuts in latest Firefox beta

New Firefox Beta refreshes theme, autocompletes

On the feet of the latest Firefox update, comes a new beta (14) with a handful of important updates, ready for its six week general testing cycle.

The user interface gets flat buttons (back to 2.0 days) for a cleaner interface. Also, web sites favicons are no longer displayed as they may be used to spoof a secure (SSL) connection. This way, now should focus on the highlighted domain name.

Firefox 14 beta theme updates screenshot

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Latest Firefox 4 beta features Sync and Panorama

Mozilla has released a new update for Firefox 4 beta. This time, the main enhancements are native support for Sync, Mozilla’s online synchronization service, and Panorama, the new name for the tab organizing feature formerly known as TabCandy.

Here is a video introducing Sync:

And here is another for Panorama:

Note that this update doesn’t feature the new two column Firefox menu, and while the next update (beta 5) was meant to be feature complete, it was decided it won’t be the case in the latest meeting.

You are welcome to test the latest Firefox 4 beta, and provide feedback through the Feedback button.

PS: I know I owe you all a decent Firefox 4 review. I’m working on it!