Firefox 5.0.1 update fixes crash bugs for Mac OS X Lion and older

Mozilla has released an update for Mac OS X users only to fix a couple of crash bugs that may happen when visiting a page with embedded web fonts on Mac OS X 10.7, Lion, or running the latest Java plugin on Mac OS X 10.5.

While Mozilla’s Rapid Release Cycle is so fast (a new release every 6 to 8 weeks), it was thought security or critical stability bugs would come only on major updates. This shows however there’s still room for out of ban releases when critical bugs are to be addressed.

Mac OS X users should update when prompted for it in the next few hours. Note that there are in fact Firefox 5.0.1 downloads available for Windows and Linux, but they are just the exact same build as Firefox 5.0, so you can just pass on it.



Firefox security bounty hunting at 12

Alex Miller, is a 12-year old kid who enjoys playing guitar and badminton in Willow Glen, California. He also is a bounty hunter who has recently reached pre-teen rich and famous status for finding and reporting a security bug in Firefox, earning the $3000 bounty in the process.

As usual with security bug reports, there is no word at this point on the nature of the vulnerability, but we will probably see it fixed in the next Firefox 3.6 update.


Firefox Sync coming to Firefox 4

As expected, the latest Firefox 4 nightlies feature Firefox Sync, Mozilla’s service that lets you synchronize your bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords, preferences, and other customizations among devices that support Sync: Firefox for desktops, for Maemo devices, and Firefox Home on the iPhone.

Just like the original Firefox Sync extension, its preferences are integrated with Firefox own options and is only noticeable by a small icon in the status bar.

If you don’t have an account yet, this is  a good time to get one for free and start moving all your browsing data to the cloud. Just install Firefox Sync and follow the instructions to set your account in a few seconds.

Sync fucntionality will be available in the next Firefox 4 beta update, expected for later this or early next week.

Winamp is the latest WebM supporter

Many years have past since Winamp’s golden years when Justin Frankel and company scored hit after hit with every release (save Winamp 3), but it’s still my favorite music player (no media player favorite yet), and I’m pleased to learn it has just become the latest WebM supporter, adding its important user base as potential consumers of the open video format.