European Roulette – All you need to know

Are you familiar with live casinos and land-based casinos? Then you will have likely come across this fantastic gambling game and of course, with a good reason. The European roulette is the most popular roulette game outside the United States of America and one of the top choice roulette games in Europe. Interestingly, there’s one apparent reason why European Roulette players: this roulette has a house edge of a humble 2.7%, which is roughly half of the house advantage in the American Roulette – it works with 5.26%. If you wish to play a game of roulette, then European Roulette is the safest and most profitable bet. In this piece, you will come across tips as well as strategies, and so much more.

European Roulette Wheel – A guide on how to play

Playing roulette is relatively straightforward, and despite the accoutrement that comes with the game like table, chips, and wheel, there’s nothing much to it. Roulette players can choose in which numbered slot they believe the spinning ball will land. They may also pick a number or a series of numbers just by placing their bets on a particular position on the table. The European roulette wheel is the standard layout of roulette that one will encounter anywhere (at least, almost anywhere). Meanwhile, the American roulette, on the other hand, features 38 slots on the wheel, instead of 37 which can be found on the European version of roulette. Even though the slot game lacks the extra zero, it halves it. The American roulette fairly has an advantage of 5.26% while the European roulette is 2.7%.

European Roulettes – The bets and rules

Betting in a European roulette tend to range from betting on a specific number on the roulette table to a comprehensive one and for instance, betting on the roulette ball while also landing on an even staked number. Mind you; these are the types of bets that are known as outside bets – it means outside the numbers’ brawn up on tee roulette table. Just know that the European Roulette comes with its unique strategy.

European Roulette Tips

Just as you’ve noticed, there’s the little one that could affect the total outcome of the roulette. The advice you can get in a normal may dangerous, more of than you would. According to the attacker, you’d be well advised to at least balance your bets, right been a low-risk outside bet. Also, there is a good reason for the layout outside bets. While playing roulette online (, you will come across some roulette betting system on the internet such as Martingale betting strategy; there are at least eight betting strategies to pick from. One of the difficulties playing games online is that you’ll encounter lots of systems, a mathematician who will claim to have cracked the roulette games and he’ll also promise of an impressive winning streak. One inevitable fact that they didn’t dispute is the game’s complexity, and you’ll be doing yourself a lot of favour by not messing things up.

Ten years of Mozilla

Ten years ago, Netscape announced it would release to the public the code of its flag ship product, Netscape Communicator 5, making it an open source product. The action came at a time when Netscape was still the dominant web browser: 65 million users and 90% market share in the educational segment according to Netscape’s own accounts. But Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was grabbing share at a furious pace thanks to it being free (at a time Netscape was about$30) and specially the fact that it came bundled with Windows 95 and upcoming Windows 98 (released on June 1998).   With a sliding market share, Netscape decided to focus on its enterprise oriented products and gave away the browser but most importantly allow volunteers to work on the product. Mozilla was nothing but Netscape’s user agent (the name a browser uses to contact the web server), a reminder of the first Netscape code name.   Mozilla timelineOver time, Mozilla would become the name of the open source project, AOL would buy Netscape and Internet Explorer would get up to 90%+ of market share leading to the worst period in web browsers’ history where innovation was a niche for Opera and IE remixes users.   In 2002, Mozilla would finally release its first public version with its crazy mantra: we are platform builders, we are for developers, we leave products for others.   Entered Phoenix, which took Mozilla, the application suite, and made a consumer product out of it. At about the same time, AOL spun off the Mozilla Foundation with a $2 million check. Phoenix, then Firefox, would become an instant hit in 2004 proving the user oriented approach to be the most effective way for Mozilla to achieve its goals.   It’s been ten years of hard times and good times, frustration and satisfaction. But in all, Mozilla existence and success is something we can all, as connected citizens, celebrate: having options when it comes to web browsing because it leads to standardization and innovation, no matter it comes from Opera, Safari, Mozilla or Microsoft.

Mozilla to pay up to $10,000 for security bug reports

mozilla security logoMozilla has announced an important update to its Client Bug Bounty Program which aims to attract white hat hackers to look into Mozilla code, detect vulnerabilities, create exploit cases and report them to Mozilla to have it fixed before the bug can cause any harm to users. Continue reading online casino talk gokkasten Mozilla to pay up to $10,000 for security bug reports

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Network monitor debuts in latest Firefox beta

The next Firefox beta is out and again it includes a new tool in its ever-growing developer toolbox (youtube to mp3). This time it comes with a new and long awaited network monitor that allows you to see network activity in the current tab, from html and style files, to ongoing AJAX requests for updated content.


And as developer tools pile up it now makes sense to have a way for showing and hiding different elements from the developer panel. A gear button has been added for this purpose. Continue reading Network monitor debuts in latest Firefox beta

Firefox OS hits the market tomorrow

ZTE open announcement Mozilla has announced that the first Firefox OS phone, the ZTE Open is coming out for general availability tomorrow, July 2. The ZTE Open will feature a single-core Qualcomm MSM7225A processor, 3.5″ HVGA (480 x 320) screen, GPS, accelerometer, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, 3.2MP back camera and FM radio. Given this specs, the phone, as well as Firefox OS are initially aiming to users who not currently have a smartphone and want to jump to the mobile web at a low cost. At €69, including a 4GB SD card and €30 in Movistar credit, the Open is very well positioned for this market. Continue reading Firefox OS hits the market tomorrow