Your favorite Firefox 3.1 features

Now that we have a better idea of how will Firefox 3.1 will look like, I’d like to ask you what are your favorite three features or improvements, the ones you will appreciate the most.

Just select them from the list below (only first three will be counted) or add your comments to this post.

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16 thoughts on “Your favorite Firefox 3.1 features”

  1. I’ll be honest…I actually won’t be using Firefox 3.1 due to the changes to tabbed browsing UI. This upgrade makes it impossible to add a little “new tab” icon into the navigation toolbar. Which makes it really cumbersome…I have to go to the far right to add a tab, then back to the far-ish left to type in a URI for the new tab. What sense does that make? They need to let users put a new tab icon next to the address bar. The UI for Firefox 3 has just been increasingly cumbersome. I didn’t like the way the bookmark addition “window” works, but I could live with that one.

    1. @Devon
      For as long as I can remember, Tab Mix Plus has offered the option to have a button on the tab bar to open a new tab but I’ve never had the need for it so I’ll probably be finding a way to remove it.

      I just find it so much easier to just hit Ctrl+ T (Cmd on Mac) for a new tab or I double click on the tab bar (if there’s an empty spot).
      Since you’re typing into the location bar right after you open a new tab, it makes sense to use the keyboard shortcut and the location bar is focused when you open a new tab so you shouldn’t have to click on it but just in case, you can use this.
      Ctrl+ T (new tab) > Ctrl+ L (location bar)
      Ctrl+ T (new tab) > Ctrl+ K (search bar)
      Add Ctrl+ V to the end if you have an URL or text already copied, or use the down/up arrows to cycle through the location and search bar drop downs then hit enter.

      If after all of this you still feel that you need a new tab button on the navigation bar, I’ve put in a request for one on to the developer of Toolbar Buttons and I’m sure that he’ll make one since there will be a call for one.
      I hope that this helps.

      Ditto to what Riddle said.

    2. Devon, why do you need to move the mouse to the location bar after opening a new tab? Isn’t the focus automatically in the location bar at that time?

      1. Doesn’t look like it, at least not if you have your home page set to the Firefox Start page. In that case, the focus shifts to the search box on the page.

    3. You can also simply type a new URL in the address bar without opening a new tab and then pressing ‘Alt’+’Enter’. This opens the URL in a new tab. Double-clicking on the address bar is also much easier.

      My impression of the new feature list is that with every new version there is more bloat making it’s way into the standard installation. Especially # Tab switching thumbnails (11%) and # Geolocation (2%) are stuff that should FOREVER remain optional extensions. I can see others are agreeing, given the poor votes they received in your poll.
      Tab detaching and cloning (13%) is also in that zone.
      This way Firefox distances itself from the initial concept and becomes more and more like Opera…

      1. “with every new version there is more bloat ”
        I have to agree and I’m really concerned about that.
        I have no need at all to preview my tabs, my “Awesome” bar drop down is disabled, I certainly don’t need a new tab button, I can still cycle through tabs if needed by using Ctrl+ the number pad (although I don’t know if that works for other users).

        There are still a number of very old issues that needs to be addressed rather than creating new ones. Firefox needs to remain what it has been which is the best out of the box browser that has a great foundation to
        build upon through user selected customization.

        It’s no secret that the greater number of Firefox users are technologically inclined people who knows how to tweak, hack, and customize Firefox to their liking so continuing to add more and more things that the average Jane or Joe user has to learn is a terrible idea when those average end users are the key to Firefox’s broader and greater success.

  2. awesomebar++ = i loved the keywords to filter my searches
    improve standards support = yessss audio and video html!!
    private browsing = essencial to me, not for porn but because my pc is shared ….

    1. If your pc is shared you should use separate profiles and with it you get separate Firefox profiles.

  3. Has the close tab button been moved to the correct side on the mac version? (on the left, as opposed to on the right)

  4. @ Markus …I never noticed the focus moved directly to the address bar. Thanks. I still don’t understand why they’re forcibly removing my option to have a ‘new tab’ icon in the navigation bar though. I want it back. I really want it back. The bottom line is – if there can be an option to have a ‘new window’ icon in the nav bar, then there should still be an option to have a ‘new tab’ icon too.

    I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable with FF’s UI changes since 3.x started….to the point where I’m considering switching to Opera. Seriously. It almost feels like they’re trying to force me to surf differently, like a tyrant. I mean, why completely remove a simple option that’s not even default? I can understand changing a default option in the UI to a non-default, but this stuff I like is just disappearing completely. It’s really bugging me. I will not be forced to surf the way someone else wants me to. It’s that simple.

    @ Ken …I don’t feel like using keyboard shortcuts sometimes.

  5. I agree with Devon. I really need/miss the original new tab button. I’d place it just to the right of the home button and it was easy to click. What can I say, I am a clicker.

  6. Sadly, it looks like I won’t be upgrading to 3.1 either. For some unknown reason, possibly various hardware configurations, my single core processor is maxed out at 100% whenever the tab bar is present (dual core will see 50% usage). When the tab bar is not present (IE: loading a single page into the browser without the tab bar shown) everything is fine ergo no tabs for me.

    This began during Firefox 3.0 development when the nightly builds that were behaving so nicely suddenly started exhibiting this same problem and there were several dozen other Firefox users that I know of who’ve seen this as well. Not all users suffer from this problem but a large portion of them due which is why I think it’s a hardware configuration thing.

    Bug reports and forum posts were made (Firefox) were made but nothing came of it. I solved this in Firefox 3.0.3 by setting browser.cache.memory.enable to false which set things right but unfortunately, this no longer works for Firefox 3.1 builds. This “fix” not working for the 3.1 builds also occurred during development and the regression range was isolated down between 2 sequential hourly builds yet again, nothing has been done…the problem still exists. This may end up being a rather large problem if it’s not tracked down and repaired since that “fix” I mentioned that worked for so many 3.0.* users will no longer work when 3.1 hits the street. It may not affect all users like I said but it will adversely affect a rather large portion of them.

    Too bad…I was looking forward to 3.1.

  7. Oh yeah…removing the “New Tab” button was a rather bad decision. It’s the first and foremost way I bring up a new tab. It’s little thing like that which will keep users from upgrading (believe it or not)…like the initial decision to remove the option of showing or hiding the Tab bar from the “Options” dialog, massive complaints on that one so they put it back. Now it’s just checked by default. The “New tab” button really needs to be put back as well.

  8. >>> removing the “New Tab” button was a rather bad decision.

    Add me to the list of users very unhappy about the removal of the “New Tab” button. I de-installed the beta after 20 minutes because of that, and if 3.1 doesn’t fix it I will not upgrade to it.

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