Your favorite Firefox 3 features

Which are your favorite Firefox 3 features? Share your opinion in Mozilla Links’s latest poll.

Mine are the new location bar, download pause and resume and offline web applications support. The new location bar let me forget about keywords, bookmarks and history except for very rare occasions. It brings much of Places power to one text box.

Download pause and resume makes deciding whether I’ll have time to complete a download before leaving (and disconnecting my laptop) a thing of the past: just download and leave when you have to.

At least Safari is also working on supporting offline content support so I hope to see more web applications offering offline versions during this and the next year. With a bit of luck Google will drop Gears for good.

23 thoughts on “Your favorite Firefox 3 features”

  1. JAREK, you can still clear the download manager history and go to the download folder by right clicking a download item.

    Beta 4 will add learning capabilities to the location bar so if you choose when you enter mo in the location bar, it will count as a vote and will get precedence the next time you enter mo.

  2. I’m a beginner but wanted to peruse its features. I found a simple mistake re., carrot browsing. I found that F7 turns it OFF, but F7 again *did NOT* turn it back on; instead it caused a window to open and as the typical YES/NO to turn it back on.

    I’ll leave it to developers to decided if this feature should be fixed as a pure toggle or leave it as a “PROMPT” toggle.

    FWIW, I really like the new features.

  3. In my opinion the real killer “feature” will be the reduction in memory fragmentation! I guess only the heavy users will notice, but gosh, will we notice.

  4. Well, the Addons manager is great, and you can browse addons from there.

    Plus the Remember Password feature is VERY useful. After you login(sometimes i mistake a password) you can see that you’ve logged in successfully and Remember the password for that site. This is TEH FEATURE! 😉

    But, the icons…. Dear God. I thought Iconfactory was great, it seems they blew it with the FX3 icons.

  5. The new places backend, because it has probably the biggest potential for innovation.

    Now, could we have proper multitasking on Linux for version 4?

  6. For the visual/UI stuff, I’m enjoying the search engine shortcut feature. I think that will wind up being one of my faves. I do like the initial clutter reduction, but I have to agree with other posters: Home button should be on the main toolbar and not crammed in with my (admittedly) overstuffed bookmark toolbar.

    Programming-wise, I’m intrigued by the cross-site AJAX and improved Javascript. Also, APNG images to replace GIF in the nebulous future.

    On the downer side: The new location bar gives me a headache. I can’t find anything I’m looking for in there. *Waaay* too busy and cluttered. I’m pleased to see that the team is revisiting the design of the location bar, but I’d like to see an included option of returning to the old, single-line style. But, with the investment of time/money, I suppose we’ll have to make do with the new version. I know you mentioned in your review that the Location Bar design was based on Human Cognition studies, but other studies on decision-making and pattern recognition suggest that mentally searching through a set is relatively shallow, even for experts. To paraphrase, “it’s easier to see the fish in a smaller pool.” Also, don’t fear white space! Design precepts point out that white space around your object of interest defines and highlights it. Perhaps getting rid of the icon clutter would help.

    I’d like to see the addition of a different color for unread tabs and an option to have links from different sites open in new tabs, a la Tab Mix Plus.

    Finally, I’m *really* looking forward to improved garbage collection and multi-core performance. No more lockups?! Fantastic!

    Excellent job so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the final results.

  7. One of the biggest complaint about Firefox is the memory leaks / resources hog problem. With FF3, the memory footprint and usage has been improve SIGNIFICANTLY. This should get even better once jemalloc get added into the next beta (it is already in FF3 trunk).

    Here is a result of a quick test of “3 windows with 10 tabs each = 30 website”…

    Firefox 3 Trunk (3.0b4pre):
    VM Size = 90MB
    Mem Usage = 96MB

    Firefox 2
    VM Size = 182MB
    Mem Usage = 176MB

    You will also notice that Firefox 3 will release the memory when you close tabs and windows. I close a window with 10 tabs and FF3 Mem Usage dropped to 80MB while the same action in FF2 resulted in no changes in Mem Usage.

    Thank you all developers who work on this excellent improvement.

  8. You’ve forgotten to list the main important feature in your poll: color management! :-)) It works fine & is really a wonderful improvement for those how care about true colors in photos.

  9. The location bar is ALREADY quite capable at learning. They’re still tweaking the algorithms, and I’ll be the first to admit that (on a migrated profile) the initial suggestions can be a bit wacky (because it has the urls+titles, but not the recency and frequency data to judge them with), but all it takes to fix is:

    -type some letters and scroll through the list to find the url that you’re expecting/actually looking for

    -repeat a few times

    and it’ll be back at the top of the list in short order.

    With a fresh profile you will probably never even have to do this, since it will be tracking recency and frequency AS it acquires history.

  10. Gee — where do I start? First, let me say I mainly use FF on the Mac (10.4.9 & 10.4.11). I’m currently using FF3b3. I think the fact that the first thing I DIDN’T have to do this time, was run over to the Themes Department and set up something that made the browser look good. FF3 looks brilliant right out of the box(No issues with the inconsistent Mac GUI). Thank you! Next — the unbelievable page scaling which beats EVERYONE else’s hands down. IE7’s sucks as it will show cuts made in tabled images, and FF3v3(PC — sorry) becomes too aliased too quick. The Mac version is heavenly. Next, the scrolling (Wow — 2 finger scrolling on a PowerBook has never been so elegant!).

    I could go on and on, but I’d like to make sure the developers read this — from my perspective — FF3v3 may as well be finished, considering how polished I’ve found it over the last week or so of daily use. A round of applause and BRAVO! (Thank you)

  11. Hi,

    Definitely my favorite Firefox 3 feature is the possibility to have site specific preferences, like zoom. Now I can finally make certain sites behave while not breaking others with font settings…

    If you had put it in the poll, I’d vote for it…

  12. Oh, yeah, one more thing, now that I’ve read all the comments (from the bottom up :)) – I’d put memory management there as one of the favorite features, if it can be called like that, but definitely a great advancement in Firefox.

  13. Hi!

    You mention pausing your download and disconnecting your laptop.
    I guess you mean stand-by.
    I use Fn+F4 on ThinkPad (don’t even know if it’s the same of stand-by or not).
    Anyway: many months ago, I had to stop the habit of putting the laptop to sleep with Firefox open because sometime the laptop would NOT come back to life. Pushing the power button for few seconds was the only thing left. Very annoying.
    Now I know this could be related to thousands of things, but just in case I’m not the only one experiencing this, was any work being done in Firefox 3 to fix it?



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