Yip, a notification system for the web

Mozillian Abimanyu Raja has released a new Firefox extension that implements support for desktop web application platforms Fluid and Prism’s notification systems. In plain terms, sites that support either notification system can notify the user via Growl on Mac OS X or Firefox’s own system on Windows and Linux.Firefox notification via Yip

The idea is to provide users and web app developers an effective and semi-standardized way of communicating without the need of a full desktop web app platform. This should serve as a precedent for other browsers to implement one or more notification systems on their core code. As for Firefox, since the next version is expected to implement some pieces of Prism, it could get its notification system as well.

According to Abi, Google Gears system and others could also be supported as they become available.

Yip is in the early stages of development and solving issues like preventing sites from spamming us when visiting them with an unobtrusive UI is still a work in progress.

Among sites that support Yip (through Fluid or Prism) there is meebo, the cool multi-network web IM application, Filttr and a few others via Greasemonkey scripts.

You can install Yip from abi’s blog.

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