21 thoughts on “What do you think of Google Chrome?”

  1. Like IE8B2, it seems WAY too much like a copy of Firefox 3 (desperate release?) anyways, I believe there is NO browser that can prevent me from using Firefox!

    Firefox all the way!

  2. Google has great products. I can’t live without their search, gmail, and even their reader on some occasions among other services. Getting into the browser market seems like a horrible idea though. I expected them to simply back Firefox to crack into IEs dominance more and if they absolutely needed, create another fork of Firefox/make super extensions.

    This move just seems dumb. Plain and simple. I imagine it will fail rather quickly after the buzz dies down a bit. Between Firefox/Gecko (my preference), Safari/Webkit and Opera there are enough quality browsers (I omit IE on purpose, it doesn’t belong with the others. It’s not good enough.).

    I’ll try it out, but it won’t dislodge my favorite. Oh and since I’m a strong linux user I really don’t feel like waiting for them to get to us after they roll out a Mac client… being third down the list sucks some times.

  3. Great UI, great feelings. . . but it’s still a beta and chrome haven’t all the needed features of a real browser (RSS, ad block . . .)
    And i want a a LINUX VERSION DAMN IT !

  4. its definitely fast and has some nice features firefox lacks (like a combined url/search bar), but it also lacks a ton of features (like extensions and themes) that make me miss firefox even more. my only real gripe about google chrome is the “looks like ass even on vista” theme they use. you’d think they would learn by now that native widgetry for the theme is the best way to go, they do partially fund mozilla after all.

  5. Sure it is fast, but lacks a lot of functionality that I am accustom to with Firefox. Good choice for those who aren’t going to be heavy users of the Internet, in that it is better than Internet Exploiter.

  6. Where: The United States
    When: Summer 2008
    Firefox: Barack Obama
    Google Chrome: Hillary Clinton

    I really wish Google would just join forces with Mozilla to make Firefox even more kick-ass instead of muddling the market by introducing their own browser. I think Google Chrome looks nice and it has a few cool features that Firefox doesn’t have (although the reverse is true as well). We’re all trying to get rid of Internet Explorer, not confuse users even more…

  7. the minimal interface is what my firefox ends up liked after much tweaking, unfortunatly the lack of a statusbar/fussion style adress bar leaves its user far to open to rickrolls /goatses etc.
    OTOH it may become my browser of choice on windows machines i use as
    1) seperate processes for tabs is really important and need to be done in ff4 even though it is hard work
    2) it comes with the minimal interface by default

  8. Ironically, the poll in the middle column doesn’t work in Chrome (sidebar one does).

    I’ve been fiddling with Chrome for a couple of hours and so far, I like it. I’m not sure if it is ready to replace Firefox for me, but it could happen in the future. I *love* the minimalist interface, it’s snappy and doesn’t distract with a lot of other stuff going on.

  9. i would like to see some of chromes features in Firefox.
    i like the ind. tabs being sand boxed and separate processes
    very strange seeing adds on websites, as i use no script and ad block
    but im not able to import firefox bookmarks as of yet
    ill keep it and see what develops

  10. How do you send links with this browser?…if you come across something to share, usually you choose send link and the mail program opens up. I couldn’t find that. It also looks very plain. I have used opera for Years and Firefox every now and then. It is quick, but boring.

  11. Fanfare aside I enjoy being able to see what my sites will look like in Safari/Webkit browsers without too much hassle. Also like the minimal kind of Firebug like ‘Inspect Element’ tool they have… seems to work better/faster on my machine than Firefox 3. We DO need to bond together to either nix IE (which probably will never happen) or force MS to include a by-default standard compliant engine. I think some users might like Chrome over FF3 which might help the cause.

  12. Google Chrome is ok…..aside from the fact that it freezes almost all the time. I have yet to have it totally crash on me….(like firefox). What it comes down to is: IE sucks! Firefox is kinda sucky! and Chrome is well on it’s way to suckiness!

  13. Be afraid, be very afraid. Where will Mozilla get their funding from?

    Obviously they will pull off their funding from the foundation and most FireFAD users will move to Chrome, and kill FF in a year or two.

    Google Chrome will succeed for a simple reason: Google never fails!!!!!

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