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Where Firefox support for web feeds is limited to reading them from the Bookmarks menu, the Bookmarks sidebar or pass them to some feed aggregator you may have defined, NewsFox, a Firefox extension developed by Andrey Grmyko and Andy Frank (former project owner) takes web feed reading to a whole new level.

It adds email style web feeds review with a sidebar where all available feeds are listed. Feed items are classified in categories if available and web feeds with new items are highlighted for easy identification.


NewsFox notificationTo start, you need to select which live bookmarks you want to manage with NewsFox. Once added, you are able to reload all feeds at a time, add a new feed or select additional live bookmarks, import http://www.mozillalinks.org/files/2007/02/and export feeds in opml (outline processor markup language) format, the de facto standard for feeds exchange; and change Firefox’s default web feeds refresh frequency (30 seconds). Plus, one of its greatest benefits, it notifies when new items are available, unfortunately very little information is displayed instead of, for example, a list of clickable items.

Web feeds are all listed along in the sidebar and there’s no way to organize them in folders or tags which would ease reading when handling dozens of them. I would like it to follow Sage’s simple organization scheme: select a bookmarks folder as your web feeds container and everything below it is added, keeping any subfolder organization.

For individual feeds, you can mark all items as read or unread, delete them individually and set whether you want to get reads as web pages or plaint text.

Two awkward behaviors: NewsFox loads (from the Tools menu or the toolbar button) in the currently open tab instead of a new one, and, web feeds’ favicons are downloaded within the download manager which tends to crowd it pretty quickly.

NewsFox however, is not a common extension as it delivers a strong and useful new featureset so it’s harder to please everyboyd. Web feeds user may defintely want to give it a try.

Get it at Mozilla Add-ons. Vote for this review.

Usefulness: 5/5 – Usability: 4/5 – Features: 4/5

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