Users turn to Firefox following IE warnings

Following last days’ German, French, and Australian government warnings about the risks of Internet Explorer’s security vulnerability, and recommendations to use other web browsers, Mozilla has seen a huge increase in daily downloads, as reported by Ken Kovash, from the Mozilla Metrics team.

Numbers doubled in France from an average 40K to 80K, in Australia from 12K to 32K, and Germany from around 70K to around 150K.

4 thoughts on “Users turn to Firefox following IE warnings”

    1. Its a hell of a lot better than internet explorer. I’ve never had anyone call me for support because they caught a virus while surfing with Firefox. Can’t say the same for internet explorer.

  1. Well even so Mozilla is really fast about major security breaches. And Firefox is not the #1 target as well as most of the bugs i have seen in Firefox have been caused by viruses that got into the computer turn things in Firefox off as well as installing bad extensions that cause problems.

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