Use your cell phone camera to get data from Firefox

Mobile Barcoder, a Firefox extension, brings you a quick cool way to transfer data and web addresses to your cell phone by just pointing its camera to the screen.

Visit a web page and hover the status bar icon to get a 2D bar code of the current web address. You will need  a 2D bar code scanner app in your cell phone. Load it and point your cell phone camera to the 2D code. Your scanner application will convert the code back to the web address which you can now use any way you want.

You can also create a 2D code of any text selection: right click on it and select Create bar code from selection. I was able to transfer between 50 and 60 words in a single code scan using the largest 2D bar code image size.

Mobile Barcoder can produce QR Code or Data Matrix 2D bar codes to suit your application capabilities.

For a quick cool way of transferring data to your phone, get Mobile Barcoder from Mozilla Add-ons.

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  1. I love QR Codes :P.

    One interesting application for example is this [1], a QR code to flattr things.

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