Update your Google search bar favicon

Firefox search bar with new Google icon screenshotGoogle updated its favicon recently and of course it is coming to Firefox in a future release. But if you don’t want to wait  for the fix, here’s a tip to keep up with the times.

  1. Download this updated version of the Google search plugin. (Only change is the updated data: url for the favicon)
  2. Copy it to your searchplugins folder in your Firefox install folder  (typically C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox on Windows), and overwrite the existing google.xml file.
  3. Restart Firefox.


Set your own new tab page in Firefox

The latest Firefox update introduced a new new tab page, which shows thumbnails of your most recently and frequently visited web sites, which you can rearrange, delete, or pin. You can even add bookmarks from the bookmarks sidebar, toolbar or menu.

But if this is not for, you can also add a custom page to be loaded whenever you ask for a new tab page. Continue reading Set your own new tab page in Firefox

New shortcuts and buttons in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 introduced a significant number of new features, among them, some low profile new buttons available for the toolbar.

In case you missed them, here they are from left to right, right after the search bar. Remember buttons can now be added to the tab bar or the add-on bar.

  1. The tab groups button that opens Panorama with all your tabs to visually organize them.
  2. The Sync button, which forces syncrhronization of your browsing data if you have set up Mozilla’s Sync service.
  3. Page zoom buttons
  4. A web feed subscription button. As you may have noticed, Firefox no longer tells you when a web feed (Atom or RSS) is available from the current site. If you want this back, add this button.

And here are a few shortcuts:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + E, turns to Panorama tab viewing.
  2. Ctrl + /, toggles the Add-on bar
  3. Ctrl + Shift + Del, opens the Clear Recent History dialog. This is not new, but is more helpful now that it is three clicks away via the Firefox menu.



Widen Firefox 4 active tab for more of the page title

With Firefox 4, the title bar went away. And while you may appreciate the additional room, you may also miss having the full title of the current page.

You just need to add a few lines to your userChrome.css file.

  1. In the Firefox button menu, select Help>Troubleshooting InformationTroubleshooting Information  menu
  2. In the about:support page, press the Open Containing Folder to access your profile folder
  3. In your profile folder, move to the chrome folder, and open the userChrome.css file. If it is not there copy the userChrome-example.css file as userChrome.css
  4. Add this code at the end of the file:
    .tabbrowser-tab:not([pinned])[selected=”true”]  {width: 200px !important;}
  5. Restart Firefox to apply the change. Now the active tab will appear wider than the rest of the tabs so you can see more of the current page title.