Thunderbird 3.1 Alpha 1 (Lanikai) released

Mozilla has released the first alpha of its forthcoming Thunderbird 3.1, code named Lanikai after a Hawaiian beach.

Alphas are very early development releases and should only be tried by developers and testers. Among other improvements, Lanikai Alpha 1 includes:

  • Several improvements to IMAP.
  • Several fixes for Smart Folders, message filters, and attachment handling.
  • Several design improvements and corrections to the interface.
  • Download Manager is now accessible as a menu item (Tools > Saved Files).
  • Stability and memory improvements.

Thunderbird icon also getting an update

Following recent Firefox update, Mozilla announced its plans to make a slight update to the Thunderbird icon for the upcoming Thunderbird 3 release, currently in Beta 2 status.

As detailed in the creative brief, the update would keep the general layout and palette, could add an @ to the envelope, make the icon more 3D with more layers wrapping the envelope, make the icon more round, and extend the head feathers to the back.

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Firefox, Ubiquity, Thunderbird and Camino, all Webware 100 finalists

As in previous year, Webware has announced the finalists for their Webware 100 award in 10 web related categories. Firefox has been nominated in the Browsing category, but this year it is not the only Mozilla product in the category: Camino, the Mac OS X native Mozilla-based browser, and Ubiquity, Mozilla Labs’ experimental command line interface are also nominated.

Thunderbird is also nominated in the Communication category.

Among other Mozilla related products there are XMarks, formerly Foxmarks, which started as a bookmark synchronizing Firefox add-on; as well as the social-oriented Flock, and mobile browser Skyfire in the Browsing category. Postbox is nominated in the Communications category.

Opera, Chrome, WebKit, Maxthon, triple-engined Lunascape, and Safari are all also nominated in the browsing category.

Vote at Webware 100 before April 30.

Flock is top browser in PC World’s 100 Best Products

PC World has published its 2008 list of Top 100 products as picked by readers and editors. In 6th place, we find Flock, the Firefox 2-based browser that integrates with several social networking sites and other web services:

Sick of having to surf to all your favorite sites and services? Flock integrates Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, Flickr photo streams, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, and blogging tools into a single navigation (and browsing) interface.

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First look to Thunderbird 3 (a.k.a Shredder) Alpha 1

It turned out that a few weeks were really more like a few minutes. Mozilla Messaging has released the first alpha of Shredder (icon wanted), the code name of Thunderbird 3.

As planned, this new release has the main goal of letting Thunderbird users that its email client is alive and healthy and this alpha packs a year of work since the last major Thunderbird release. Continue reading First look to Thunderbird 3 (a.k.a Shredder) Alpha 1