Thunderbird icon also getting an update

Following recent Firefox update, Mozilla announced its plans to make a slight update to the Thunderbird icon for the upcoming Thunderbird 3 release, currently in Beta 2 status.

As detailed in the creative brief, the update would keep the general layout and palette, could add an @ to the envelope, make the icon more 3D with more layers wrapping the envelope, make the icon more round, and extend the head feathers to the back.

Below, some historic sketches of the original Thunderbird icon.

Thunderbird sketches

3 thoughts on “Thunderbird icon also getting an update”

  1. Bird in pictures 1 to 6 is ugly as hell, hope it will get prettier before You decided to change it. Firefox 3.5 icon is nice, however contours in small size of icon (16×16 to 32×32 are to strong).

  2. I like number 1 and the actual native american thunderbird pic, The thunderbird is legendary, and is depicted in native culture as a bird of prey of immense size. Being birds of prey, like eagles, hawks, falcons, and other raptors, they are depicted with a curved beak. Not quite unlike the eagles, whose curved beak that is used for removing flesh from prey while standing atop the carcass of their prey, whilst holding the prey down with there visegrip like claws. hence the curve of the beak so unfortunately, two to six resemble pidgeons and doves who were asked to stand in and pretend to be thunderbirds. (hehe) Now I know that in other mythology pidgeons or a dove supposedly was seen as a messenger all the way back to the bible and noah. But I don’t think a dove or pidgeon quite resembles a thunderbird at all. Besides, wouldn’t having a trained bird of prey, who landed on your desktop and ripped open letters for you to read, be the coolest ever letter opener? (rich guy ‘check out my $200000 Tiffanys Diamond Letter Opener,’ a regular dude with a kick ass trained Falcon, ‘oh yeah… mine fetches the mail, and check this rips it open with his beak, and drops it at my feet!’) haha that is so much cooler!

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