The new Firefox icon

After making its appearance in the latest Firefox 3.5 RC 1 candidate builds, Mozilla has officially introduced the latest update to Firefox’s icon. Started several week ago, the design happened completely in the open through 14 iterations (released in small batches) so people were able to provide their feedback on what needed to be retouched.

Rendered by Anthony Piraino from the Iconfactory, you will notice that its main new characteristic is a stronger 3D look as the flames are truly surrounding the globe, more details in the hand and fur, more furry ears and snout, deeper shadows over the globe, and different reflections on the globe.


And here are all the Firefox icons so far:

Firefox icon history

The icon is available in a variety of sizes, formats, and layouts at the Mozilla Wiki. A vector version is also planned to be released soon. It will accompanied by a special license agreement to help prevent commercial distribution of it.

For more details about how the icon evolved and other questions, check Alex Faaborg’s Q&A on the subject.

7 thoughts on “The new Firefox icon”

  1. I still need some more time to get used to it. The programm icon is quite dark compared to the previous version. I didn’t recognize my firefox windows that quickly anymore.

    1. “I didn’t recognize my firefox windows that quickly anymore.”

      Are you serious?!

  2. dark!? I find the icon too bright and glossy, it stands out in the taskbar in a way I don’t particularly like.

    1. When placed in the context of a desktop or menu, the glossy globe makes the fox’s head look excessively dark at lower sizes. See this blog post by Alex Faaborg to see what I mean.

  3. I’ve followed this from the beginning and it was extremely cool of Alex to open up discussions on the redesign and very rare in business.
    It’s not exactly what I would have liked to see, but it surely doesn’t suck. I think that it’s rather cool and improved in many ways.

    It is the final one so I support Mozilla’s decision to go with it.

  4. the tiny version looks horrible compared to the old one. here they are side by side. left – old, right – new.

    new one looks less symmetrical, less round, has less detail, seems more cumbersome. i don’t like it.

  5. The 2nd (middle) one is the best in my opinion. The new one’s fox head looks a bit too dark and the smoother textures make it look bad on XPs because of the small size.

    It could just be my reluctance to change, but I like the old one better

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