The dark (theme) side of Firefox

For those inclined to black or dark desktops, here are six nice Firefox themes you want to give a try.

Pictured here on Windows XP with the Royal Noir theme for darker effect. All available from Mozilla Add-ons, but for those marked experimental you will need an account.

avant.garde.10011:nerom created by Rob Holian.  (experimental)

Black Steel by Ben Griscom. (experimental)

Dark Revisited by Matthew Baerbock. (experimental)

Gradient iCool by Edward Mak.

Midnight Fox by TwisterMC.

Ruler Dark by dkgo. (experimental)

40 thoughts on “The dark (theme) side of Firefox”

  1. My favorite dark FF theme by far is NASA Night Launch. It’s customizable and in active development.

  2. I miss the Black Japan theme. It was an awesome sleek black theme that was minimal and sleek. I am waiting on the upgrade for it.

  3. I use a combination of “anycolor” and blue/green/purple/orange/red buttons to create many variants of a black theme in firefox



    1. Thanks for the links to these addons/themes.

      I have been looking for a way to make firefox fit in better with the new Zune theme for XP

      I’m now using a combination of the AnyColor addon, and the Strata Human (Orange) theme to achieve this, an it looks great!

  4. I also nominate NASA Night Launch. I especially appreciate the customization options, active development, and avoidance of glossy buttons everywhere.

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  6. Is there any dark theme that does NOT alter the tabs?

    I like to use the ColorfulTabs theme but every dark theme I’ve tried stopped it working.


  7. RedShift & Bloodfire are the best dark themes for me but they haven’t been updated yet…But they are the best I have used…

  8. What happens when a theme completely hoses your Firefox? I’m guessing I have to re-install. (typing this from IE, looking for answers)

    1. YEah most of these hose my firefox 🙁 just launch in firefox in “safe mode” and select a working theme and restart.

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  10. Hi… Can anyone reply as to how to uninstall a theme by using the Firefox profile folder. My FF crashes as soon as I open it, because of a new theme that I had installed. Since it crashes as soon as I start FF, I cannot uninstall the theme from the Tools -> Add-on manager step.

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  14. 2nd vote for NASA NIGHT LAUNCH!!! – for its streamlined interface, no well designed alternatives on the whole web

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