The dark side of Firefox, unabridged

My past list of six dark themes for Firefox was not meant to be comprehensive, but just share a few ones I stumbled upon on Mozilla Add-ons. Many users made some interesting suggestions for additional dark themes so I decided to take a more complete picture and found there were a lot worth a screenshot.

For dark computer desktop fans, here are ten more Firefox themes that should suit your taste. Pictured on Windows XP with the Royale Noir theme variation.

Absolute Black by Full Flat. (experimental)

Abstract Zune by Brett Bodine.

Aero Fox by Brett Bodine.

Gaze Black by Alexander Brandl.

Harley Davidson by Grant Conklin.


In The Dark by Andrew Sachen.

NASA Night Launch by mcdavis. Allows further customization through userChrome.css tweaking.

Noia 2.0 by casteo. Follow instructions to enable the dark variation.

OldFactory Black by Alexander Brandl.

To complete the list, here are the ones in the first post.

avant.garde.10011:nerom created by Rob Holian.  (experimental)

Black Steel by Ben Griscom. (experimental)

Dark Revisited by Matthew Baerbock. (experimental)

Gradient iCool by Edward Mak.

Midnight Fox by TwisterMC.

Ruler Dark by dkgo. (experimental)

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