Talk with Jason Schramm on Radio Firefox

We talked with Jason Schramm to know more about Firefox Radio, a radio show broadcasted from College of New Jersey’s WTSR 91.3. The premiere show is already available as a podcast.

ML When did the idea come up and what other steps you took?

For as long as I can remember I wanted to create a tech talk show. I never got around to making it a reality, but I quickly got involved with my college’s radio station when I started attending in 2003.

The name Firefox is a nickname some fellow radio station members gave me because I was always helping people get setup using the browser. I have been a big proponent of Mozilla and Firefox for a longtime now.

ML What is the goal of Firefox Radio?

RadioFirefox is a weekly radio show that is also archived online. The show is based around a few of my passions; technology, business, helping people, and music. The goal of the show is to provide a worthwhile resource and a place for people to find help with their tech issues.

ML How did the premiere show go?

The premiere went well. It took a bit of time for me to get into a comfortable groove, and a few times I had some good conversations with myself. I covered some notable CES presentations such as Ambient’s 5 Day Weather Forecaster which uses E-Ink to display weather data. I
also covered some interesting sites, Google developments, recent Apple announcements, and the Microsoft WMF vulnerability.

Future shows will be related to Firefox, taking advantage of it and improving on your experience using the browser. The publiccan call in, but the website will soon have a form where people can submit feedback and questions which will then be answered on the air and put
online. There will also be polls for visitors to interact with the show.

ML Is this your first experience in radio shows?

I have had a few radio shows, but most of them consisted of mostly playing music. I also sat in on some other shows where I would discuss whatever issue was being brought up. I can always be counted on to bring the techie point of view.

ML Do you have other plans in mind?

I hope that this site will take off, and then when I graduate I can continue releasing shows online with whatever following I have by then. It’s another avenue for me to reach out to people and entertain them while also helping them.