Firefox to feature a new home page

New Firefox home tab in nightlies

Latest Firefox nightlies feature an important new face for users: a new home tab.

Enter about:home in Firefox location bar and right now you get a search box and not much more. The new design aims to improve discoverability of several features to users including a launcher to manage bookmarks and history, tweak Firefox through preferences/options, check download status or enable Sync, which will probably be an important boost for Mozilla’s browser data synchronization service.

It also brings a large button to restore your previous browsing session in case you haven’t set Firefox to restore it automatically.

Considering Firefox’s 6-week release pace, the new tab should become available in final form around July, later this year.

Firefox Home now available in iTunes App Store

Firefox Home, Mozilla’s iPhone application that brings your browsing history, bookmarks, and tabs from any computer or mobile device to your favorite closed device, is now available for free from the App Store.

Firefox users will need to install the Firefox Sync extension to synchronize their personal data to Mozilla’s Sync service. Once your data is there, you can access your data from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

While you won’t get a full Mozilla browser, you get the awesome bar quick search power, and an option to preview the web page within the app. Unfortunately, your Safari browsing is not synchronized back.