Sweet plugin: Microsoft Cake 2.0 for Firefox 3

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team has sent a fancy cake to Mozilla’s Mountain View headquarters to join the celebration of the Firefox 3 release.

Surprising? Not that much. They did the same thing for Firefox 2 release.

It was also revealed today that Mozillians keep the IE logo piece frozen since then!

Kudos to the IE team for their sport spirit!

95 thoughts on “Sweet plugin: Microsoft Cake 2.0 for Firefox 3”

  1. Mozilla should send back an empty box with a note attached that reads, “Tested on IE. 404 Cake Not Found.”

    1. MS will keep sending the cake, to get new ideas as well as open source to copy the stuff from firefox in to there IE 🙂

  2. Nice thoughts from the IE team! I think people @ M$ are quite nice, since people are nice in core… However, it’s the policy & politics that come to break this:
    I bet the IE team are a bunch of extremely cool and nice people. But that doesn’t make me use IE, which is quite limited, and comes as a imposed (not imposing) monopolistic product…
    In all cases, cheers for the good sport-spirit!!!
    Oh, and Go Go Go Firefox!!!

  3. They should not only send them back a recipe, but they should include just the ingredients.

    bake install

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  10. I don’t see why they wouldn’t rofl I download both browsers equally, but Internet Explorer is annoying since it trys to download itself through auto update

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