Support Namoroka, the national park. Then Manu?

Spread Firefox Affiliate ButtonMozilla reminds us that Namoroka is not only Firefox 3.6 codename, but most importantly, the name of a national park in Madagascar. In case you didn’t watch the movie, it is home of non less than eight species of cool lemur.

Mozilla is now driving a donation effort to raise $10,000 to help the lemur conservation efforts of the Madagascar Fauna Group.

It is easy to give: Mozilla will collect the money via Paypal, and give it to the Madagascar Fauna Group.

You can also grab a button to display in your web site or blog, or post this link to your favorite social network:

Is this a good time to propose Manu as the code name for the next Firefox release? Manu (ES) is the largest Peruvian National Park in the Madre de Dios and Cusco departments, near the city of Cusco, and home to several indigenous tribes, more than 20,000 species of plants and about 4,000 of animals, including this guy, known as cock of the rock or tunki (in Quechua language):


After all it seems it is time for a South American national park code name following Deer Park (1.5, North America), Bon Echo (2.0, North America), Gran Paradiso (3.0, Europe), Shiretoko (3.5, Asia), and Namoroka (3.6, Africa). There were also several pre 1.0 releases named after New Zealand suburbs. 😀