Shredder: in-development Thunderbird

Minefield logoIf you are using a Firefox nightly to browse the web, you (better) know you are walking on a minefield where a just landed patch can explode at any time taking some or all of your bookmarks, cookies or saved passwords with it. So, builds from the Firefox trunk (development code repository) are properly called Minefield. Its logo, a lit dynamite stick stuck into the globe, makes things even clearer.

With Thunderbird, if you go the nightlies way, you should know you are checking your email with a shredder: a bad move and it’s buh-bye to your beloved years-old mail archive. So it has been aptly named Shredder and now Mozilla Messaging is looking for a logo that reflects its risky nature.

If you have an idea for a logo, you are invited to submit it to the tracking bug in Bugzilla.

Thunderbird 3 is expected to include some interesting features including integration with Lightning, the calendar extension; a visual refresh; STEELE, an API for more powerful extensions, and extensive code cleanup. The first alpha should be out in the next few weeks with a second one to follow on July.

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  2. Awesome, going to be trying this one out. Would any of you happen to know if Mozilla will be updating the UI in Thunderbird so that it would integrate betting into the OS like they did with Firefox 3.0?

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