Short takes for April 22 – 29, 2007

Somewhat late, here are some short takes from last week:

  • Adobe Shockwave. A new version of this plugin is available for download now from Adobe’s web site.
  • QuickTime vulnerability. A security vulnerability initially discovered in Safari affects Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows as well. Very little detail has been provided but it seems to be related on some QuickTime interaction with Java applets. Current recommended workaround (sort of) is to disable Java: Tools menu/Options…/Content page/Uncheck Enable Java.
  • Firefox pencilsFirefox pencils. JustZisGuy noticed a shortage of pencils at work and he saw an opportunity to spread Firefox. So he ordered a lot of them and coworker are grabbing them as you read this. Also, if you need more evidence that Firefox rocks, check this post.
  • Laugh out. Mozilla Corporation’s Seth Bindernagel and Seth Spitzer were in Japan recently and recorded a funny video to promote Firefox. I have no idea of what they’re saying but you should give it a look.

3 thoughts on “Short takes for April 22 – 29, 2007”

  1. Regarding the QuickTime+Java vulnerability (and I’m really not trying to troll her), wouldn’t it make more sense to disable the QuickTime plugin? A quick scan of seems to show that it’s more difficult to do so, but I think it’s likely more people depend on their browser supporting Java than QuickTime. (I may very well be wrong.)

  2. Christian, I as well don’t have enough information to tell whether Java or QuickTime is more used. My feeling is that it’s about 50/50 and considering it’s far easier to disable Java I think the workaround is reasonable. I may be wrong of course.

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