Set Mibbit as your IRC client in Firefox

Do you know Mibbit? It’s an awesome web based IRC client. IRC, for those not old enough to recall, meant chat long before instant messaging entered the scene and is still a very reliable option for group and peer-to-peer text communication.

You can take advantage of Firefox 3’s support for web-based protocol handling to make it your default IRC client and handle irc:// links whenever you found one.

Mibbit added the necessary interface short before Firefox 3 final release and I’ve proposed it to be included with Firefox by default. But you can add it right now.

First, you will have to enable registration of protocol web handlers from different domains.

  • Enter about:config in the location bar and press Enter to access the advanced preferences.
  • Look for gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost and double click it to set it to true.

Now click in the link below to add Mibbit as an irc: links handler.

Add Mibbit as an IRC handler

You will be prompted with a confirmation info bar. Press Add Application.

You can now select Mibbit as your irc:// links handler from the Application page in the Options dialog.

Now when you click on irc: links a new tab with Mibbit and a tab connected to the IRC server and channel.

I suggest setting gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost back to false to prevent malicious web sites offering their own protocol handlers.

In case you need to remove Mibbit as an irc:// handler, go back to the Applications page in the Options dialog. Look for irc in the content type column. Open the menu in the Action column and select Application Details…, select Mibbit and press Remove.

13 thoughts on “Set Mibbit as your IRC client in Firefox”

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  2. If you have the Chatzilla extension installed and enabled, for this to work properly, you need to go into about:config, right click “New -> Boolean” and create one called “Setting “network.protocol-handler.external.irc” and set it’s value to “true”. Remember, when putting the values in, remove the double quotes.

  3. Yeah, I dont want firefox defaulty setting mibbit as my irc thing. I do not know the operators of mibbit and I dont know if they might do something malicious like log chats or force advertising down my throat. I would be fine with it if mozilla made their own chat however.

    1. If you want a Mozilla IRC client, you can get Chatzilla which seems to be as good as mibbit. Both of them are awesome though ironically I cannot connect to Mozilla’ s IRC server using Chatzilla.

  4. mIRC is better then Mibbit, no doubt about that
    why would you want to use your browser if you can use a real and faster client 😉

    1. Because people might want to save the processor space and be able to access it easier.

      also mIRC is shareware. your argument is invalid.

    2. when i fire up my FireFox it loads like more then 30 tabs, if i even use mibbit it still uses more resources then mIRC
      beside, even if its shareware, you can still use it after the trail, or get a serial
      not that hard

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