Second take on Mobile Firefox UI

A second take on Mobile Firefox UI’s design for touchscreen devices has been published. The new design picks suggestions made to the previous proposal and introduces a more subtle user interface that makes better use of portable devices’ limited screen estate.

Instead of a permanent toolbar, just a translucent back icon is overlaid at the bottom of the current web page so it is always easy to perform web browsing single most frequent action.

An overlaid Firefox icon overlaid in the bottom limited activates the full toolbar when tapped.

Mobile Firefox second UI proposal

The activated toolbar shows back, forward, bookmark and tab list buttons along with the location bar and refresh buttons. Another tap on the Firefox icon closes the toolbar.

Additional buttons and toolbars other extensions may add will be stacked on top  of the location bar.

Mobile Firefox second UI proposal, toolbar

Some navigational proposals includes tap for linking or panning, double tap for page zoom, touch and drag for panning, touch, hold and drag for fine zooming in and out; and touch and hold for link information, an important consideration since there is no status bar.

You can share your comments and suggestions on Doug Turner’s blog or Mozilla Wiki.

5 thoughts on “Second take on Mobile Firefox UI”

  1. Sorry for having to say this but the icons look soo cheap. The same applies to FF3 while FF2’s graphics look very professional!

  2. Tom, at this point in development icons not only should look cheap but in fact “be” cheap.

    When Firefox 2 icons were introduced they were insulted and mocked for a long while. To date I don’t think Firefox 2 icons look professional but that’s only me. Still I like them better than current Firefox 3’s, but again…

  3. I love this. You guys could teach the Mozilla desktop browser team a few things about a good user interface: Keep it out of the way of the web.

    Kudos for not trying to integrate the ugly green keyhole and stick with what we already identify with: the firefox logo.

  4. i want to install mozilla web browser on my nokia 9500, just want to know,had mozilla support my phone or not. i just want to ask did have any app software for nokia 9500? pls help me


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