Scott McGregor, Thunderbird Lead Engineer leaves Mozilla

Scott McGregorOn a short note, Scott McGregor, Thunderbird lead engineer, announced that on October 12 he will leave the Mozilla Corporation to pursuit other career interests. He plans, however, to continue his role as module owner for Thunderbird as a volunteer.

This is definitely no good news for the nascent Mozilla Internet communications subsidiary, announced last month. Losing its lead developer as a full time employee will at least slow down Thunderbird development which is currently in the very early stages of its fourth iteration.

I am sure we will soon hear comments on this news from Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker and David Ascher, the appointed leader of the new subsidiary.

In the meantime, this is an opportunity to thank Scott for all his contributions to Thunderbird and the Mozilla project this far and I wish to see more stuff coming if at a slower pace.

8 thoughts on “Scott McGregor, Thunderbird Lead Engineer leaves Mozilla”

  1. I can’t help wondering if Scott wasn’t satisfied with the new arangements? I hope he will clarify this in a future post. But until he denies it, I’m supposing that’s the case.

  2. Scott, I have been a long time user of TB and personally thank you as well as the many others in the community for making TB what it is today. I wish you the best in your next adventure.

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