Greezmo, a video manager in your Firefox status bar

Greezmo is an experimental Firefox extension developed by Gilad Kutiel that provides a simplified interface to search YouTube and make and control playlists of selected videos.

The interface is somewhat strange because of its size, location and the fact that it is overlaid over the content so you can switch tabs and the manager is visible at all times.

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Add hot zones to Firefox to search, share, and more

Mouse gestures and spatial navigation are two recurrent approaches to making user interfaces more intuitive and efficient, and Drag & DropZones combines pieces of them both to provide an innovative interface.

This Firefox extension, developed by Captain Caveman, lets you define a grid of drop zones in the content area, and associate each of of them to a search engine or a page context menu action. When you make a selection in the current page, just drag it a bit and a translucent grid is overlaid showing the zones you can drop the selection over to perform the action defined. Continue reading Add hot zones to Firefox to search, share, and more

Sign your web mail in style

Some web mail clients (including Gmail, surpisingly) don’t allow you to set a rich text signature, this is, change the font type, color and size, and add images and links to provide additional contact information or promote something (like with a Firefox button).

With WiseStamp, a handy Firefox extension developed by WiseStamp, you can not only define fully formatted signatures, but it also eases the inclusion of instant messaging names (Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, Live, Skype and QQ) and social sites addresses (Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, digg, Yedda, Plaxo, Pownce, eBay, StumbleUpon, Upcoming, Blogger, Bebo): you enter your account name, and WiseStamp adds the corresponding service logo in front of it, and adds them all below your signature.

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Finally, visual procrastination with Taboo

For those times when you can’t or just don’t want to read a web page but yet want to ensure you will get back to it later, look no further than Taboo.

Press the plus button it adds to the toolbar to save a thumbnail of the current page and have it added to your Taboo collection. From there, it is easily accessible from a second toolbar button that displays your saved pages, and also filter entering a few characters.

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Five cool ways to switch tabs, by FoxTab

While Mozilla is preparing to launch some radical changes to tab switching with tab thumbnails displayed when you press Ctrl + Tab, Roi M. has already taken it a few steps further with five eye-pleasing views packaged in his FoxTab extension.

It provides five preview styles: circle, row, grid, wall, and stack, which resembles Vista’s application switching style.

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