Enjoy reading the web again with Readability

I enjoy reading the web just like the next guy, but with web ads, comments, related links, featured articles, social network links, and so on sometimes it seems to be more noise than actual content in a web page.

To bring focus and peace back, try Readability, a very nice Firefox extension that takes away everything but the main content of a web page and reformats it with fancy styles, ready for you to enjoy your reading. As you can see below, the results are dramatic.

Web page with Readability before and after

Note that not all pages can be reformatted, nor it makes sense for them to be. Readability only works where significant amounts of text can be identified and focused.

Once added, click on the Readability icon to reformat the current page, or right click to set the desired font size, margins, and other styling. There is also an autoscroll feature which you can activate pressing Ctrl + Shift + A (customizable). Control scroll speed with + and -, and cancel pressing the Esc key.

I miss a multicolumn style, as well as an option to reformat several tabs’ content in a single reformatted page, and a way to collect all sections of multi page articles into a single one.

Readability is also available as a bookmarklet. If you don’t need the styling options and autoscroll, just bookmark this link (right click or drag it to the bookmarks toolbar or menu: Readability.

Get Readability from Mozilla Add-ons.