Quick Firefox 3.5.5 update addresses stability bugs

Mozilla has relased a quick Firefox update to address several stability bugs that may lead to crashing in very specific cases like sites that use a GIF image as their favicon.

Users are encouraged to update as soon as possible by selecting Check for Updates… in the Help menu. Otherwise, you should be prompted for the update in the next few hours.

You can check the release notes for more details.

7 thoughts on “Quick Firefox 3.5.5 update addresses stability bugs”

  1. This was a downgrade not an upgrade. I didn’t have any stability issues until I added 3.5.5.

    When viewing live feeds in the Bookmarks Toolbar, I move the cursor over one feed and it is ok. But then, I move to a new feed and the headers in this feed overlap the old ones. Normally the older ones would just disappear when I leave that feed.

    Please, no more upgrades. 🙂

  2. This was a downgrade for me too. Firefox crashed while online and now it is constantly trying to restore the pages it was viewing and is not responding when I want to start a new session. I have to force quit each time I reopen Firefox.

    Mac G4 tower (Power PC not Intel)

    Restart of computer does not rid Firefox of the memory of these previous tabs. It won’t allow me to delete them. All I can do is to force quit.

    1. I’m having the same problem with Mozilla firefox with crashing all the time and the boot-up
      time is really bad and so slow. It’s response is horrible.
      I’m on Mediacom cable highspeed, so how can I remedy this situation?
      Please respond . Thanks!

  3. Too much is too much. This has been a catastrophe. Crashed often for no apparent reason, now it just corrupted itself to the point I had but to remove it completely and lose thousands of precious bookmarks (and history). I have been a user of Firebeasts since 0.6 (which was a very good browser and still working on an old machine). But I’m NOT reloading Moz Firefox anymore. What a shame !

    The whole idea of replacing text configuration files by database-like ones is a complete failure from the start. Why do you (moz foundation) constantly try to ruin what was once a good product ? I’m not following you any longer.

  4. Same problem, 3.5.5 is the worst version I’ve used EVER, and I’ve been a user from the beginning.

    REALLY getting sick of the problems/memory leaks etc. and getting ready to MOVE ON.

  5. well this is just great, at least previous version worked, what a sad downgrade. I had to post this comment in IE, since FF is now dead until i can go back to old version.

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