Properly restore your Firefox windows

Firefox 2 introduced a new feature called session restore that allows it to automatically restore tabs and windows you had opened when you start Firefox after a crash or any kind of abnormal exit.

To get the same session restore with normal exits you have to select Show my tabs and windows from last time for When Firefox starts in the Main page of the Options window (Tools menu, Options).

Firefox 2 session restore setting

The problem with it is that if you close Firefox windows one by one (like clicking on the X button in the top right corner on Windows), you will only get the very last window closed and its tabs restored, since it was the only opened one when you actually exit Firefox.To have all windows and tabs restored, in the File menu in any window, select Exit. Now you will get a full restore.

9 thoughts on “Properly restore your Firefox windows”

  1. there is some kind of extension that let me have groups of tabs saved and then re-open them when i want?

    i know you can do that if you have a group in favorites but sometimes you shut down your pc and the next day you have some tabs with things you have to do in the near future but not in that exact moment

  2. When talking about restoring (crashed) sessions, the fantastic Session Manager should always be mentioned:

    It can even save and restore the state of the current window under a user-defined name 😉

  3. Anyone know how to restore windows and tabs if accidently hit “no” on the restore all windows prompt? I really need all them back 🙁 help

  4. If I do what the tip says, it just restores one window the next time I open FireFox. If I had multiple FF windows is there a way to re-open all of them?


  5. If I do what the tip says, I only get one Firefox window restored. If I have multiple windows open, can I re-open all of them the next time? Is there an extension for it?

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