Yip, a notification system for the web

Mozillian Abimanyu Raja has released a new Firefox extension that implements support for desktop web application platforms Fluid and Prism’s notification systems. In plain terms, sites that support either notification system can notify the user via Growl on Mac OS X or Firefox’s own system on Windows and Linux. Continue reading Yip, a notification system for the web

Firefox 3.1 beta 1 released and reviewed

Mozilla has released Firefox 3.1 Beta 1, the first official development release of the next update to Firefox 3 just about four months after its release past June.

Firefox 3.1 is basically meant to be a completion release to get some features and enhancements that didn’t make it on time for the Firefox 3 final release. An example of this is the new tab switching behavior when pressing Ctrl + Tab (Cmd + Tab on Mac) which instead of moving to the next open tab, alternates between the current and previously viewed one. Keep Ctrl pressed while tabbing and a small dark window is overlaid  with thumbnails of the most recently used tabs. You can also click on the thumbnail to select it or, press W while holding the Ctrl key to close it.

While, after a few months of using it, I’ve come to rely on the new tab alternating behavior, I still can’t get used to the tab preview dialog and I don’t feel it helps me reach the desired tab any faster. Setting browser.ctrlTab.mostRecentlyUsed (via about:config) to false, and restarting Firefox, disables both the alternation and the thumbnails. I would prefer to have separate hidden options for each of the features.

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Prism for Firefox: desktop web apps just got easier

Mozilla Labs has released a new version of Prism, a Firefox-based application that aims to make web applications fit better in today’s computer desktops. Prism runs one web application on a single window providing some features only possible for desktop programs in the past.

Along with the update to the stand alone Prism, comes Prism for Firefox extension (code named Refractor), a Firefox extension that eases the creation of web application profiles (.webapp files): just navigate to the web app main page and select Convert Website to Application from Firefox’s Tools menu.

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Prism, Mozilla’s take on desktop web apps

Prism logoMozilla Labs released today Prism, a rebranded version of WebRunner, a Mozilla-based application for running single web applications.

On the name change, Mozilla’s Alex Faaborg comments:

…most people aren’t going to semantically disambiguate terms the same way we do. For mainstream users, “running” means faster than jogging, and similarly “execution” involves killing people. The name Prism references a real world metaphor for splitting something apart.

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