PreFox, Firefox for the Palm Pre, alpha now available for testing

Mozilla’s Dave Townsend has made available the very first testing builds of Firefox for the Palm Pre, code named PreFox.

A one man effort at this point, PreFox is not an official Mozilla project but since it is based on Fennec (Firefox for mobile devices code name), it brings and immediately better experience with better web standards support,  multiple tabs and session restore, remembering cookies and passwords for sites, Firefox Sync, the awesome bar, and add-ons.

Of course it is nowhere near a final product and you can expect slow startups, high memory usage, and occasional sluggishness, as Dave explains in his announcement port. Also, JaegerMonkey (optimized JavaScript), Electrolysis (process separation), and hardware acceleration are a few optimizations we can find in Firefox 4 nightlies that are still to come to PreFox, so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

PreFox requires webOS 1.4.5, and running pre-install from the Palm SDK, webOS QuickInstall or Preware to install the latest package.